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25 March 2017

Auroville Ambulance Service

Dear Auroville residents and registered guests,

The Auroville Ambulance Service team would like to share some information on the Service till now, as well as provide a few basic points on ‘when and how’ to use the service.


The ambulance service started operating on the 15.08.2012, it runs under the Auroville institute of Integral health, and is supported by Santé Clinic. The vehicle and some of the medical equipment was funded by the government of India.

To date the ambulance has been utilized 330 times, which is an average usage of one trip every five days. This figure includes medical transport to and from hospital for people whose condition makes them unable to sit in a car, as well as emergency transport to hospital. About two thirds of the calls received by the ambulance dispatch are not emergencies and don’t require ambulance transport, in these cases the dispatcher provides information on how best to manage the situation.

The Auroville Transport Service provides support in terms of a parking place as well as occasional back up of the ambulance driver.


The ambulance service first started with a team of eight, presently the team consists of four members and includes two nurses, one doctors and one driver. The medical staff has specific additional training and qualification in the management of heart related emergencies and trauma care, continuous education in the field of emergency management is being pursued. The ambulance driver has training in basic life support and assists the medical staff. An ideal team would consist of five medical staff, two drivers and two dispatchers. We welcome qualified Aurovillians to join the team, part or full time, in the fields of dispatcher, driver and medicals staff.

Service outline

The AVAS provides the following scope of service to residents and registered guests of Auroville:

  1. 24/7 availability of emergency response with an equipped and staffed ambulance vehicle, which arrives at the scene of emergency, within AV city area, in under thirty minutes.
  2. First aid and treatment on site and during transport.
  3. Providing information, over the phone, on what to do in urgent medical situations which don’t require ambulance transport.

When to use the Auroville Ambulance service

Call the Auroville Ambulance, tel: 944-222-4680, if you, or anyone around you, experience any of the following situations.

  1. Unconscious person: if breathing apply rescue position, if not breathing start CPR till ambulance team arrives.
  2. Difficulty breathing
  3. Sudden changes in level of consciousness (disoriented, difficulty speaking)
  4. Heavy bleeding
  5. Strong pain
  6. Major or multiple injury
  7. Chest pain
  8. Seizures
  9. Signs of stroke: Speech difficulty, facial droop, one sided weakness in limbs
  10. Severe allergy
  11. Call the Ambulance dispatcher if you are unsure

How to use the Auroville Ambulance Service

Tel: 944-222-4680

To avoid delay we request you to support the AVAS team in the following manner:

  1. When dialing the Auroville Ambulance first provide the dispatcher with your name and location, provide all further available information as requested by the dispatcher. This is essential for the medical staff and for documentation of the case.
  2. Follow over the phone first aid advice as given by the dispatcher.
  3. Organize for someone to accompany the patient and stay with them in hospital if required.
  4. Pack and take along personal items, money, current medication and all relevant medical reports.
  5. Being calm and supportive towards the patient and the ambulance staff facilitates the best outcome.

More information

Trip cost: The price per trip for AV residents is Rs. 1,500 to or from Puducherry and Rs. 10,000 to or from Chennai; the cost of ambulance services is covered by the Health Fund for members. The price per trip for registered guests is Rs. 5,000 to or from Pondy and Rs. 15,000 to or from Chennai.

Other contact numbers: For people without Auroville resident or registered guest status please use the free government ambulance service or any of the locally available ambulance services listed in the contacts below:

Auroville Ambulance Service.jpg

First Aid courses, including CPR training, will be available for Aurovilians from April 2017 onwards.

Feedback: We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism; please send an email to sante (at) with ambulance as the subject.

In service to Auroville,
The Ambulance Team