News & Notes 691:On Auroville’s 50th Anniversary

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18 March 2017

On Auroville’s 50th Anniversary

Hello everyone!

The celebrations for Auroville’s 50th Anniversary are not exactly what I agree with and the sums of money involved make me very uncomfortable.

Please understand that I feel Auroville’s 50th birthday is an occasion for us to go on a yatra together, to make a pilgrimage to the Heart of Auroville. Here are some ideas in that direction.

  • Acknowledging the contributions of our old Aurovilians. And also checking out to see if they have everything they need as they get older; many of them gave all they had to Auroville with no thought for their future, only Auroville’s.
  • Checking in with all Aurovilians to see if they are feeling safe and doing something about it if they are not.
  • Acknowledging the generosity of India for giving a home to this project.
  • Talking together about what Mother’s intention was for Auroville.
  • Talking together to better understand what karma yoga is and how to go about doing it.
  • Renewing our personal commitments to Auroville and to our sadhana. Also doing so collectively.
  • Doing spiritual practices together such as japa walks, meditation courses, inviting speakers for example on the Matrimandir (What is so esoterically special about it? What exactly does it allow us to do?), chanting Mother’s mantra, collective silent parties and meditations, dancing saptas….

Thanks for reading my thoughts,
Laura White