News & Notes 689:Who is the Water Group & what do we do?

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4 March 2017

Who is the Water Group & what do we do?

During the beginning of 2015 TDC requested a small group of people with experience in water resources management to take up the challenge of coordinating overall water activities in Auroville. The team consisted of Christian, Tency, Toby and Tom. During 2016 two extra persons were added, Nele and Giulio. This core group works to generate awareness and lead the way toward a water sensitive city through integrative and participatory planning. This year a volunteer team with professional experience in water management issues was put together mainly for helping to draft an Auroville Water Plan (Aditi, Camille, Gilles B, Mariu), take care of data management (Julia, Pavneet), measure borewells and collect current data (Ramesh, Paolo), and communicate with the wider community (Ing-Marie).

We are certainly not the first nor the last group of people working on water issues here. There is Auroville Water Service (AWS), which works on water distribution, Pour Tous Water (PTW), which handles infrastructure repairs, AquaDyn, which provides biodynamised drinking water, Palmyra, which conducts research on sustainable water and land management, all of the rainwater harvesting done at a community scale such as in Ravena, Annapurna, Darkali and Sadhana Forest, the people working with Eco-San toilets, the healers of Watsu, or the individuals working on hydroponics or rainwater catchment. And of course our foresters and farmers, who are concerned with water on a daily basis. This is merely a small sampling, and doesn’t do justice to how many people have invested years of time, commitment and energy working with water!

One key characteristic of our group is that we’re attempting to work with all stakeholders to create a dynamic water plan for the city. And we hope that you, the community, will be a part of it. More soon!

The Water Group can be reached at: watergroup (at)
Water Group