News & Notes 688:The Auroville Library of Things (ALoT)

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25 February 2017

The Auroville Library of Things (ALoT)

Generosity. Abundance. Progress.

The Auroville Library of Things (ALoT) aims to make sharing things in Auroville convenient and efficient. We intend to have an ample inventory of things to cater to the artist, the inventor and the child who resides inside all of us. We plan to begin with toys, tools and kitchenware and eventually include all kinds of things that can be incorporated into a library system. This is to ensure that we collaboratively utilise our things to their maximum potential as opposed to individually owning them.

As a community, we can then move towards a cognizance of dynamic accessibility of things as opposed to their static ownership and hopefully stand as an example of collaborative consumption that may inspire sweeping changes in other parts of India.

In order to manifest this idea, we had an open discussion on 14 of February, at SAIIER Conference Hall. It was attended by a mixed group of 25, including Aurovilians, newcomers, volunteers and guests and we received a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions. What was most heartwarming though, was that everyone in the room recognised the need for such a space.

A space where the community can come together to share much more than just their things. A space where generosity, abundance and the pure joy that comes from sharing can be felt and accessed by all!