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25 February 2017

Introducing a New Community

Introducing a new community called Spirit (community). The actual space for this community doesn't exist yet, but there is a collection of people who share this movement and philosophy. “Spirit” will involve space and facilities for Natural Learning (or Unschooling) for kids who don't feel comfortable in the conventional schooling system, but who are enthusiastic about learning. Another aspect of "Spirit" will be a centre for parents to learn, discuss and practice Conscious Parenting. "Spirit" will also host guests with families, where their kids can have a recreational time while learning together.

As Auroville is trying to develop itself as a city, and finding its shape and direction, we (the movement behind Spirit) are waiting for the right opportunity to plant the first seed and place the first brick.

In the meantime we are discussing possibilities and are holding regular sessions on ongoing research about Conscious Parenting and Natural Learning.

Here's a brief description of:

Conscious Parenting: Helping parents in dealing with their children and also observing how we as adults might want to improve our behaviour and attitude towards them. Furthermore, through a more conscious dealing with children we will also be able to improve our relationships among adults (at work and in general).

Natural Learning: Also known as Unschooling, is a new approach to educational practices that focuses on allowing children to learn naturally, through playing, household responsibilities, hands on practice, and social interaction; rather than the traditional school curriculum.
Natural Learning encourages the children to take up activities facilitated by adults.
Natural Learning differs from conventional schooling mainly in the philosophy that grading, reward / punishment and other features are counter-productive to the goal of the natural and healthy education of children and their mental stability.

We will be contributing articles to News & Notes regularly, so please look for us for more discussion, or contact us on: AurovilleSpirit (at)

Submitted by Gino