News & Notes 686:The Language Lab and the Tomatis Research Centre have moved!

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686 icon.jpg   News & Notes 686
11 February 2017

The Language Lab and the Tomatis Research Centre have moved!

Dear Community, we are very happy to share the news that as of Monday, 06th February, the Language Lab and Tomatis Centre are finally operating from our new building and permanent 'home' in the International Zone. Yes, it has finally happened!

All the language classes, the mediatheque, the Tomatis listening sessions and listening tests are also taking place here.

Many of you have asked us about an official opening. No, we did not have an official inauguration, because the building is not totally complete yet. (About 10-15% is left). But a very large part of it is complete – enough for us to start functioning in it.

Our entire team has worked tremendously hard to make this dream happen.

We have been through ups and downs, especially after the government grant was over two years ago. Many of you have asked how we managed to find the balance funds needed. Thanks to Mother’s Grace, we were able to put a very large part of whatever personal resources we had at our disposal, towards the building, and we were also able to take some personal loans for the balance.

We are so grateful to all our supporters and would like to give special thanks to the key Aurovilian friends who helped us with some donations and interest-free loans during this last stretch in the recent months. You know who you are, and you also know how grateful we are.

We are also immensely grateful to innumerable friends, Aurovilian and others, who helped in the realization of this building through sharing their knowledge and work throughout the last 6 years. You too know who you are; without your support, it could not have happened!

We are so proud to share the 'fruit' of our long efforts. It is a beautiful, smart and eye catching building, not just architecturally, from the outside, but also very pleasant to be in. The lime plaster indeed gives the interior space a lovely feeling, in addition to all the other elements which were included to make it a very special building. Our goal was to make it sustainable, beautiful, and healthy! We also wanted to create an environment which made learning and teaching a pleasure! One of our wishes is to make the building a mobile-free space. We are happy to share information from our research towards this building, with those who are interested. You can already look at

In a nutshell, the Tomatis listening training works through exercising the muscles of the middle ear, and stimulating our brain in order to use our full human potential. It can benefit everyone.

It has multiple facets and applications, in addition to being a marvelous tool for language learning.

We are really excited and look forward to all the wonderful things that are going to happen in this building in the near future, including the possibility to integrate the language classes and Tomatis more fully, the research towards finding the Tomatis settings which will enable us to use it for Tamil and other Indian languages, a long-standing wish, which we can now realize, as well as several projects which were ideas waiting to become reality. We also have deep faith and know that Mother will show us the way towards financial self-sustainability.

Our new doors are open! When visiting us, please note that there is still some carpentry and other work going on.... and there are parts of the building which still need to be finished. We are certain that with all our efforts and all your good wishes and support, everything will slowly fall into place, and what is not here yet, will come!

PS : We are looking for people to join our team. In particular :

(i) An English teacher (and of course we welcome teachers of all languages!)
(ii) someone experienced in administration and secretarial support,
(iii) a communications person.

Please contact us:

  • Email : all (at)
  • Tel: 262-3601
  • Mob: 9443631861, 9585207962 (Until call forwarding is fully activated!)

Where is it exactly? : Behind Matrimandir Nursery, close to the Unity Pavilion. You can't miss it: It is a large, bright colored building, plastered with lime. How to find us: if you are coming from Visitors Centre, Bharat Nivas etc, turn left for Savitri Bhavan, and then go past Unity Pavilion (on your right) and continue straight, past the Pump House (which will be on your left), until the end of the road. Take a right and an immediate left. We don't have signboards up yet, but we will soon. (Basically, it is off the old Kottakarai-Matrimandir road).

For further information, here are some useful links:

  • We finally managed to add English sub-titles to a film on the Tomatis method, which is available on our YouTube channel here: [...]. The original French film (45 minutes) is available here: [...]
  • A detailed presentation of Tomatis is on our website:
  • And an article about how it works for language learning is here:
  • Some of our work with children is here:

Exhausted but satisfied & joyful,
Language Lab and Tomatis Centre Team