News & Notes 684:Le paradoxe

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28 January 2017

Le paradoxe

To become conscient is a real tough job to go through. We can live, hope, pray, acquire, possess as much as we want; this is possible while we are ignorant. The Truth possesses nothing, but is everything.

A baby, a few months old, left free, will smile not because of something but pure, untouched by the outside; deep in him sleep all beauty, all smile, all love and then as a miracle emerges an enchanting smile for a few seconds. We will remember it forever, if it has happened. But even if we don't remember, it is the only goal that we may search for throughout our life, in all our actions.

To keep that profound remembrance, to keep alive the faith that this is what we want, means years and years of tribulation, falls, entangled within a world of desire, lies, jealousies, hatred and all the nonsense attached to the ego.

In fact we should be ready, to search, to fight, to keep faith in spite of all and to rediscover, now in this life, this enchanting smile, containing the secret of life?

Difficult surely, but one day we will leave this world and all we did will not exist. Only will follow that second of true luminous Self; like a small light guiding us towards Eternity.

André Tardeil