News & Notes 675:AVCouncil report from the month of August to beginning of November 2016

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675 icon.jpg   News & Notes 675
26 November 2016

AVCouncil report from the month of August to beginning of November 2016

Dear friends, Here is our quarterly report for the months of August, September and October 2016.

The Auroville Council is happy to welcome the 4 additional new members (Martin L., Enrica, Elisa and Mita D.) chosen by the 3-day Participatory Selection process held in October. We again take this moment to thank Sindhuja and Daniel for their valuable contribution and wish them the best for their future endeavors.

Note: The Auroville Council is requested to give a monthly report to the community as per the Participatory Working groups’ proposal. However as there have been regular updates from us on a weekly basis on the subjects that we are dealing with, in order to avoid repetitions, we will publish a quarterly report.

Updates on on-going and new topics:


  • Entry
While the new Entry policy is in the implementation phase, it has been voiced by several in the community that more clarity is needed on certain aspects of the application process, as well as more exploration on the role of mentors. A Mentor Pool Gathering was held on Nov 5th with more than 80 participants, who raised various concerns. A new Entry Task Group is being formed with members of AVCouncil and WCom to get clarity on the implementation process.
The new policy aims broadly at de-linking the process of welcoming new people into Auroville from material criteria such as permanent housing requirements and money; however, the questions of the impact this influx of people will have on Auroville’s economy, how the existing organization of Auroville is going to respond to the new housing needs of those who come in have been rightly raised and need to be studied and solutions explored.
In response to a petition signed by 60 Aurovilians and received by the AVCouncil through the RAS, the AVCouncil decided to temporarily pause new applications and slow down the process until clarity is provided.
The areas of discussion presently are:
  • Going through the policy and making practical adjustments wherever necessary
  • Identifying the missing parameters (such as guidelines for feedback evaluation) and working towards their establishment
  • Strengthening and supporting the Mentor Pool, including guidelines for mentors
  • Putting in place a monitoring system for the new policy’s implementation process and progress
It is essential to note that the role of this task group is not to re-assess the points of the policy that have been voted and agreed upon, but rather to fill in the gaps which may exist and to make sure that the process does not leave essential questions unanswered. This policy will be reviewed by the AVCouncil based on experience gained since the start of its implementation, i.e. July 1st 2016.


  • Town Planning and Development
As the term of office for the TDC was due 24th of October, The Wcom and AV Council confirmed with the present ones their availability. We thank the interim TDC members (Jacqueline, Sauro, Toby, Cristo, Pino, Fabian, Divya, Tejaswini, Tom and Sheba) that have agreed to continue until a new team is selected in April 2017. Intensive work has been done to prepare the sounding board sessions (August, September and October).The subgroup is facilitated by Marc from the Av Council with a core group led by Mamata, Shama and Elvira.
  • Sounding board Sessions
Work sessions were held on the 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th November.
Four groups - Environment, Socio Economy, Urban Planning-Galaxy Concept, Bio-region.
The outcome of the 4 sessions will be shared by the core group and the Council, to be published in the News & Notes. Drafting of the Terms of Reference (ToR), will include a series of feedback rounds integrating inputs from the community, working groups, and resource persons. By February 2017, a GM will be held to present the final draft, which after 2 weeks feedback period will be ratified by the RA decision process.
A selection process designed by RAS, study group, Wcom, Koodam and Av Council, will facilitate the formation of the new team by April 2017.
  • NTDA
The Auroville Council and the Working Committee jointly with members of the NTDA Task Group are exploring ways for the Community to evaluate how Auroville can be protected from developments in contradiction to the Auroville Master Plan. An invitation will be sent to all Aurovilians interested in land protection to join for two or more workshops to elaborate the best way forward.
  • Housing Service Mandate / restructuring
The Auroville Council is in the process of constituting a new sub-group with the aim to review the mandate for Housing Service and Housing Board and explore creative solutions for the future. Therefore the Council will cooperate with the already existing ARA group working on housing and all stakeholders connected to housing.


  • Auroville Learning Activities (ALA)
A meeting is being planned for 6th of December 2016. The focus of the meeting will be on the implementation of the ALA guidelines (i.e. the group that will hand hold the implementation, selection of members, their roles and responsibilities, tenure, priorities, etc.) There will also be an open discussion on the contribution policy. Marc is replacing Daniel as the AVC representative in the subgroup, composed by Guy (Quiet), Joster, Vikram, Dominique (SAVI) and Dhanya, and Daniel will continue as a resource person.


  • Mental and Emotional Health Care
Seeing the need for a Mental and Emotional Health Care set up, Sandyra (Auroville Council) and Inge (WCom) are working on redrafting the mental health policy. Soon it will be published for community feedback.

Peace & justice

  • Appeal Process
The present sub-group of the AVCouncil (Elisa and Niva) has integrated the feedback given by the Community into the document, which was circulated. A general meeting is announced for the 9th of December and It will be followed by a final ratification process by the community. Please see the link: […]
  • Sexual Harassment
The Working Committee and the Auroville Council have posted the policy on the application, in Auroville of the Sexual Harassment Act. We invite the community to read it and give its feedback. See the link: [...]
  • Arbitration
Aspiration Sports Ground Issue: final decision by the 3 arbiters is expected in December.

Governance / organization

  • Temporary Feedback Review Committee (TFRC)
The Auroville Council would like again to thank the TFRC for having undertaken the challenging task / responsibility of screening all the feedback received on the candidates and participants for the 3 days Selection Process. This time all applicants were accepted.
The TFRC members are: Angad (Mantra Pottery), Krishna (Anusuya), Mauna (Grace), Meenakshi (Nursery), Pala (Invocation), Rakhal (Sukhavati), Surya (Surrender), with 3 reserves: Charu, Suzie and Marlenka.
The next selection process will be in March / April 2017 for the new TDC team.


  • Mobility
The AVCouncil, along with the RAS, made a survey of questions related to mobility. The analysis of the same and the next steps will be published soon.


AVC Representatives in other working groups as of November 2016:

  • Renuka in BCC (previously Daniel)
  • Sundar in Housing Board (previously Renuka)

As usual we were called in and were assisting with several personal conflict situations/issues between Av residents and we were helped by the Koodam team to which we express our gratitude.

Other topics on our table and attention:

  • Conflict resolution policy (with Koodam)
  • Windarra implementation: Coming to an end (with WCom)

Warmly, Renuka, Sundar, Matriprasad, Sandyra and Marc - For the Auroville Council