News & Notes 661:Land Board Report June to July 2016

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20 August 2016

Land Board Report June to July 2016

  1. Land Board welcomed the Secretary, Auroville Foundation, and met him to update him on matters regarding the functioning of Land Board and our work progress. We updated him on issues regarding protection and encroachments which is an ever increasing threat to Auroville lands. The Secretary has extended his support to this important work. We heartily welcome him to Auroville.
  2. Sri Aurobindo Udyog trust signed a long term lease for approximately 6.14 acres of land around the Udavi School area, which is now under the domain of Udavi School and Auroville for its management and protection. We are grateful to Udyog trust for promoting education as initiated by The Mother in the Auroville area.
  3. In Annapurna Farm area two pieces of land were exchanged to help consolidate the farm and work out a better functioning of the common lands and access with the neighbours.
  4. Land Board facilitated Sustainable Livelihood Institute to get a power line transfer done from a previous owner.
  5. On 29th July 2016 the Kuilapalayam elders and leadership came and met Land Board and Working Committee in response to a police complaint and FIR lodged by Auroville against a trespasser who had been stealing trees from Auroville lands in Newlands community for many years. The LRM and now the Land Board has been making extensive efforts to sort the matter over the last seven years. Several complaints had been filed with the police during the last few years. The new security group did an exemplary work in this matter. The matter is now with the police and local courts.
  6. Three police complaints have been registered against the trespassers of Auroville land BO 76/8, IR 207/5B, where the trespassers illegally cut the trees in the forest and had stopped the workers from completing the fencing work, causing damage to Auroville property. Land Board and Auroville Security service are working hand in hand to follow up with the police and legal authorities.
  7. The legal case against PK Devdass is on-going and a petition of change of court by PK Devdas was rejected in favour of Auroville.
  8. Fencing has been completed at Azhagu Bhoomi, stewarded by Balu Veerappan in order to safeguard it from encroachments.
  9. The Land Board would like to appeal all Aurovilians to monitor the fences around their settlements, forest and farms to prevent encroachment and contact the Green Group and then Land Board in case of trespassing.
  10. In June and July 2016 an amount of ₹ 2,59,804/- was received from timber/firewood sales.
  11. For all units and activists interested in buying firewood or timber please call: 0413 262 2657 and fix an appointment.
  12. A tenant of Estelle (former Aurovilian who owns land near Gokulam) had been distributing papers at Solar Kitchen demanding irregular access to Auroville land. Please do not acknowledge or encourage this matter. Land Board had met Estelle in December and explained our situation and constraints.
  13. A gentle reminder to all who wish to participate in consolidating Auroville lands that contributions can be sent to Financial Service Account No. 0100

Land Board (Divya, Gerard, Kannyappan, Sandeep, Suhasini, Sukrit)