News & Notes 657:Did you know the Auroville name and symbol are legally protected?

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23 July 2016

Did you know the Auroville name and symbol are legally protected?

Over the years, there have been a number of instances where the name of Auroville was (and still is) used for commercial purposes by individuals and institutions that are not related at all to Auroville.

In 2000, a special protection of the name and symbol of Auroville was sought and granted under the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper use) Act 1950. This is the same Act that protects the national flag of India, the image (picture) of Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

There is a group of Volunteers under the name ‘Name and Symbol of Auroville Protection group’ (NASA) who are engaged in preventing such improper usage happening in the immediate surroundings of Auroville. The intention of the group is to apply alternative tools before using legal tools to prevent or mitigate improper use of name and symbol of Auroville.

Several Auroville units, activities, projects and individual Aurovilians have been using the Auroville name for carrying out the objectives of the Township through their work. It has been difficult to prevent others from also using the Auroville name for their own purposes. The NASA group, in its one year existence, has managed to contain various instances of improper use in the bioregion.

If the unauthorized use of the name or emblem of “Auroville” continues in spite of NASA’s preventive action, legal action will be taken against it.

If anyone knows of any instance of improper use of the name and/or symbol of Auroville they may write an email to: nasa (at)