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16 July 2016

Auroville Sustainable Livelihood Institute – Outreach

At SLI the first year was about establishing the project, getting systems and process, people and relationships in place. This involves capacity building, internal training and development, building relationships with the many Auroville units who contribute to the programs as faculty members and building relationships with the clients; the Tamil Nadu rural development groups as well as third-parties who have converging interests.

There were other objectives for SLI that were not limited to training people appointed by the TN Govt. This included opening up workshops to people outside of the Govt. Institutions and there is some success with this and we are making efforts to expand this element.

Some of the other targets included Outreach Programs and some activities have been growing steadily. These programs have two objectives; the first is to understand a series of issues that the communities face first hand and unfiltered. This means travel into the field. With this input we are able to map needs against the skills that Auroville has developed over many years. In turn, armed with this information means that our workshops get tailored, schedules get adjusted and new programs get developed. A recent example of this has been the health and beauty workshops that focus on natural products and therapies. We also emphasise self-development skills based on practices widely used and enhanced in Auroville that can be passed on to the rural population. This is really about ensuring our participants learn things like stress management skills. Importantly though it is how we try to engage the groups in understanding some of the philosophy and practices of The Mother in the forming of Auroville.

The other element of note involves ensuring that the population of Auroville is kept informed of developments at SLI. One of the consequences is the regular posting of information through the various Auroville communications channels. Another component, with this in mind, is the plan for an “open-house” meeting so that people can find out more about our activities first-hand. We will invite the whole community to see the facility and participate in a discussion.

In collaboration with other Auroville units we have offered occasional workshops to Aurovilians, newcomers and guests and remain open to participation with other units or practices in presenting workshops in collaboration with them. So if you have a possible program please talk with us. We also invite Aurovilians who have ideas, skills and/or projects and would like to consider working with us in partnership or joining the other 40+ people who have worked with us as faculty members, to also get in touch.

In summary it is apparent that the SLI project is growing both in quality and quantity but we still have the facility to further expand. Our next posting will share more of those ideas and objectives.

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