News & Notes 651:Sustainable Solid Waste Management Needs All of Us

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11 June 2016

Sustainable Solid Waste Management Needs All of Us

Waste segregation is an easy task if started at the source of waste production – that means back at your home, office, unit etc.

However, it becomes a messy affair and often an impossible task if the waste producers – that is you – don’t wash (and segregate) and the waste arrives mixed and/ or dirty at the Eco-Service.

To improve Auroville’s waste management and make the most of our recyclable and reusable waste, we would like to offer a three day exploration of the topic: “Let’s Talk Trash”

If you, your family, community, guest house, unit… want to talk trash with us, a 3-day session will look like this:

Day 1: Session with Aurovilians

  • We will identify one or more people to take responsibility for coordinating with the Eco-service (organize waste collection and take care of all solid waste related activities in their community).
  • We (the outreach team) will understand the community's existing waste management practices and waste stream.
  • If needed, we can help to find solutions for things like collection shed design, standard segregation methods.
  • Share information on the size, type and number of barrels needed; where to buy this barrels and how to transport them, how to coordinate with Eco-service collection team for frequent waste collection service; notes on user fees and incentive for recyclables.

Day 2: Session with community ammas and gardeners

  • Talk with the ammas and gardeners and improve their awareness on solid waste management and connected environmental issues and teach them how to segregate.
  • We use a "Why – How – What" strategy, posters and photographs to explain about health and environmental impacts associated with different waste management practices.
  • At the end of this session we practice together how to pick specific waste material from the mixed waste barrel and move it to the appropriate barrel – this improves their understanding and helps to clear any doubts.

Day 3: Monitoring session a few weeks later

  • One month later we visit again to monitor the impact of the first two days of the outreach session and we provide further help or advice when needed.

Let’s make Auroville a role model for solid waste management – together! Are you ready to talk trash with us? If yes, call Kali (9443090114) or Palani (9443535172) to book a session.

The Eco-Service Team