News & Notes 642:International Zone General Meeting Report – Unity Pavilion 22 February 2016

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26 March 2016

International Zone General Meeting Report – Unity Pavilion 22 February 2016

(Attended by about 120 people)

B gave a warm welcome and overview of the afternoon's schedule. This was followed by observing silence and reading of Mother's text on the International University Centre (Bulletin April 1952) in English, Tamil, French, and Sanskrit.

On Education
"An International University Centre"

On Education - An International University Centre.jpg
PDF (9 pages)

The first presentation was a short report of the International Zone and 50th anniversary (February 2018) vision. Luigi painted a beautiful picture in words, “Imagine the International Zone as one campus.” Kavitha shared plans for the Youth Hive near the upcoming Auroville Language Lab. Dominique described the new Welcome Hub, a place to coordinate welcoming activities for Newcomers, guests, visitors, volunteers, and even at times a guest facility for volunteers who arrive late and don't have an immediate place to stay.

The International Zone wants to “create a model of integral, eco-friendly infrastructure.” It is envisioned the following will be in place within our 50th anniversary year, 2018: wide use of solar energy, common waste water systems, roof top water harvesting with underground tanks, drip irrigation with recycled waste water in gardens and common landscapes, rainwater harvesting in water bodies, as well as eco-friendly transport such as a solar tram.

Residential facilities are coming up in the International Zone. Louis gave a short presentation on “Habitat”. The first construction is “Terra Amata” of 3 blocks, with 5 flats each to house from 22 to 25 people. We envision residents being involved in the joyful work of the International Zone and look forward to a lot of fresh energy to keep everything moving forward.

The International Zone Coordination Team (IZCT) proposed Pavilion Clusters. Luigi explained how clusters are found everywhere in nature. Research on clusters in nature inspires the present approach on Cluster of Pavilions. Jacqueline shared briefly on the evolution of urban design stating clearly that in the International Zone it is very flexible. It will evolve according to the ground reality.

Next we heard from some Pavilion groups.

IJ joyfully shared about the new meeting space and activities of the African Pavilion. Jaya introduced Sado, a graduate in architecture, working with Satprem at Auroville Earth Institute. Sado dreams of inviting 4 architects from Africa. Each student will need Rs. 5,000 per month for their expenses. Anyone interested in assisting can contact Jaya.

Claude Jouen’s presentation on the Pavilion de France was translated by Michael. There are many cultural and publishing activities. The Pavilion has published a compilation on the 100 and 200 events hosted by the French Pavilion in Auroville. Everything has been transcribed. Events covered include: talks, movies, readings.

The site for Turkey and Armenia was presented by Luigi, who also explained clusters in Central and North Europe. There will be a European House, and a European Centre.

Bogi shared that the area considered as East Europe which is 14 countries, of these 9 are actively involved and meeting. The Pavilion of Hungary in particular has been happy to host 42 workshops on the Aviva methods. This work has primarily taken place in the surrounding villages.

Saraswati introduced a visiting architect who is working with the Russian Pavilion group. They have started to meet with the International Zone Planning and Development subgroup. They are happy and positive about their progressive works.

The Pavilion of Italy has been hosting cultural events in Auroville and recently brought a famous Italian jazz band whose musical performance was a tribute to an English band. They are presently fund raising for a permanent Pavilion.

Bharat Nivas representatives Tapas and Riju gave an inspired presentation which included a rich visual history of the development of the area.

Hye Jeong shared that the Korean and Northeast Asia groups have been quite active and are working collectively. They have hosted 2 key activities recently in culture and education. The Korean Pavilion site application was approved on 1 February 2016.

B, Anandi, Stephane and Fif presented on America which will be in Darkali. The laying of the stone will be on Feb 29. They are happy to explore mirroring nature in design and architecture inspired by a large Turtle. The condor and the eagle will fly together.

It was a pleasure to have many of the Auroville International (AVI) representatives with us during the month of February. Friederike, AVI President, gave a short presentation stating the members' appreciation for the clusters approach. Their team is collaborating with the IZCT on the 50th anniversary events. They want to approach governments to get involved in permanent Pavilion development and for funding. They're planning to ask for a 5th UNESCO Resolution for 2018 and are working with Aster Patel towards this goal.

Fif shared Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian tradition, by inviting those present to be in silence together and if called to do so, to say four statements: “I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” The intention is to heal ourselves and by doing so heal relationships in Auroville and the surrounding areas.

Martin shared that there is a group working to find the deeper meaning of the Mother to explore the real meaning of the Nations. Their exploration will include work of the Nations’ Soul. All of the work at present is research.

The meeting ended with an invitation to walk over to the African Pavilion for drumming and to enjoy Hungarian food offered by the Hungarian Pavilion.