News & Notes 637:The key role of Artists in Auroville

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20 February 2016

The key role of Artists in Auroville

“[The artist] is an agent, a channel, his art a means of expressing his relations with the Divine.” (The Mother, Questions and Answers 1929-1931, p.104)
“[A]n artist should be capable of entering into communion with the Divine and of receiving inspiration about what form or forms ought to be used to express the divine beauty in matter.” (The Mother, Questions and Answers 1953, p.331)

The artists, by their sensitivity, are the ones who are more open to the action of the Force, which circulates in Auroville. Through their art, they are also the ones who can express, manifest in matter the invisible vibrant reality one feels in Auroville's atmosphere. They are capable of seizing the golden thread that weaves the fabric of this city of Dawn, and of revealing (or interpreting) its messages. This can be seen in the graphic works of Aurovilians artists, exposed regularly here and there, as in other forms of art, music, sculpture, decorative, architectural, landscaping, etc.

Auroville is obviously not a mental conception. In fact, when the planners are trying to impose their views on the development of Auroville, it never works. This is going beyond the mind and its narrow limitations, and this is where artistic intuition becomes important. Artists are like lighthouses, illuminating the dark or mists of the future; they reveal, open perspectives that others cannot see. It is in this sense that they are an essential component of the life and the future of Auroville.

Christian Feuillette