News & Notes 633:Land Board Report – December 2015

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633 icon.jpg   News & Notes 633
23 January 2016

Land Board Report – December 2015

  1. There is an ongoing problem of private development on the Crown Road which Land Board along with TDC and Road Service is actively addressing. We request the support of all Auroville groups and Aurovilians and ask them not to assist any people who are working against us.
  2. Privately owned land at BO 10/2B, 1.6 acre, near Transformation, in city area was exchanged for Auroville land in Auroannam TH 180/1, 63 cents and Rs. 2 lakh.
  3. Land Board along with Working Committee is engaged with the Government to clarify some of the rules regarding Purchase and Sale of lands in Auroville.
  4. Land Board has completed the extensive work in Auroannam to develop the for exchange like improving the space, making boundaries, making plots and doing what is necessary to increase value of the land
  5. Land Board has initiated the tedious process of completing and updating the land records at Sub Registrar Office Vanur to finish this vital and important step to correct the Government records, is an ongoing process and up to 50 files have been submitted.
  6. Land Board has submitted to FAMC and TDC, map of the lands that are vulnerable to encroachment, misuse and out right land grab in the residential and International zone bordering the villages of Edayanchavadi, Kottakuppam and Bharatipuram and has suggested that Auroville should take possession of these lands with activities or settlements as soon as possible.
  7. The fencing project at Edayanchavadi community hall has been successfully completed.
  8. An amicable solution has been reached for an issue related to access in Gokulam between Aurovilians and Non-Aurovilians.
  9. Land Board is in continuous dialogue with the Inspector General of Registration,Chennai and District/Taluk offices regarding land dispute cases .
  10. The Land Board appeals to all Aurovilians to monitor the fences around their settlements, forest and farms and contact the Green Group and then Land Board if there are encroachments and land grabs. If Stewards are unable to protect, Housing Service can be approached to allot places for Aurovilians and Newcomers seeking houses.
  11. Rs. 4,81,399 was received from timber/firewood sales in December.
  12. For all units and activities interested to buy fire wood or timber please contact 0413 262 2657 to fix an appointment.
  13. A gentle reminder to all Aurovillians who would like to contribute to consolidating Auroville lands, they can send in their contributions to the Financial Service account no 0100.

Land Board (Divya, Gerard, Kannyappan, Sandeep, Suhasini, Sukrit)