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16 January 2016

Youthlink Hub Design Workshop

When: 9:00 am – 12:30 am, Saturday 23rd January, Unity Pavilion

Facilitated by: Sindhuja, Michael, Suryamayi, UmaRamanan, Vinay, Kavitha

The Auroville Retreat highlighted the need for more youth engagement and opportunity within Auroville. In response to this need, YouthLink has developed a proposal to build a space in the International Zone which would serve as a hub for Auroville youth engaged in higher education programs, apprenticeships, and start-ups, and promote exchange and interaction with volunteer youth, visiting students, and others from the bioregion.

This is a "for youth by youth" project whose success depends on your participation. We invite ALL youth who have been brought up in the Auroville area, who care about our community's development, to come design this space with us. If you are 17-35 yrs old and studying/working/living in Auroville, we encourage you to join. This proposal is very dynamic, and has received a lot of support from the Retreat's Action Groups and many Working Groups and Services – thus we may have a real potential for this youth-designed and youth-implemented project to come to life. We are in process with L'Avenir. We have also presented this proposal to the Governing Board, International Advisory Council, Working Committee, Bharat Nivas, International Zone and AV 50th Anniversary Planning groups.

We propose to build a Phase 1 before 2018, so that we can inaugurate the space by hosting a Youth event to celebrate Auroville's 50th Anniversary in February 2018, in line with the Vision for the 50th being, “To re-inspire our individual and collective aspiration, in order to contribute towards achieving the Auroville Charter and Dream”... and hoped outcomes of the 50th being “A renewed sense of the raison d'être of Auroville by means of inspiring events and initiatives...”

We hope to see you there and look forward to your input.

Warmly, the YouthLink Construction & 2018 Event Teams