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9 January 2016

Collective Happiness

“Bolivia gives legal status to Mother Earth: the Law of Mother Earth. Living Well means adopting forms of consumption, behavior and conduct that are not degrading to nature. It requires an ethical and spiritual relationship with Life. Living Well proposes the complete fulfillment of life and collective happiness” (N&N 19.12.15, p.13).

Every evening in Aspiration community I switch on the light in the playground, around the dining hall and kitchen, around the Guest House’s buildings. And every morning I switch it off. On the morning of 20 Dec. I walked near the Guest House and suddenly saw one guest lady running to me. It was Sunjao (or Sun) from South Korea. She was born 18 Nov. 1976, in numerology her number is seven, it means the balance of spirituality and materiality. Seven is also an occult number. Sun was born under the Scorpion constellation in the Dragon Year.

Usually Sun is a quiet and friendly person with a childish smile. But on the morning of 20 Dec. I saw her running amok, distressed, in shock. She was crying out “Help! Help! ”, I was surprised as to what had happened? Maybe Aspiration transformed in a Jurassic Park and dinosaurs (in Greek this word means “awful lizards”) attacked our guest? Or Pan appeared from the ancient Roman mythology – if the people and animals saw Pan, they were in a panic.

Actually a tiny snake was in Sun’s bathroom – dark grey, about 40 cm long, harmless, lovely, gracious. Why was Sun so afraid by this nice creature? Of course it was not an adequate reaction. But the snake was contaminated by Sun’s fear. They both were in horror. I told them “Don’t worry, be happy!” and I hope that they both are now happy.

Auroville is a green oasis and it must also transform in the oasis of collective happiness, mutual love, superconsciousness. Long live the harmony between the snakes and the human beings, between Mother Nature and Humankind!


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