News & Notes 626:We can have community transport if we will it

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5 December 2015

We can have community transport if we will it

There are 200+ car drivers (owners) in Auroville, maybe more. On a ball park estimate from perusing the parking lots in community resident parking lots, from public places parking during the day and events, the breakup is as follows: 10% bicycles, 80% 2-wheeler mechanized transport (mostly fossil fuel), 10% four wheeler mechanized transport (mostly fossil fuel).

200 x Rs 2 lakhs = Rs 400 lakhs (Rs 4 crores) were spent on 4-wheel motor vehicles
1200 x Rs 50,000 = Rs 600 lakhs (Rs 6 crores) were spent on 2-wheel motor vehicles
30 x Rs 3 lakhs = Rs 90 lakhs were spent on transport vehicles owned by services of Auroville
Monthly the fuel, maintenance, annual insurance etc. cost: 1430 x Rs 1000 ~= Rs 14.3 lakhs (Realistic figure will be Rs 15 lakhs or more).

If there was a collective will we would have got a good community transport long back. If there was a collective will all our children would be riding good bicycles given to them by the community for free. Our seniors would have sufficient options in the mornings and evenings to go to work, partake in community events at will or within quite a flexible schedule. The healthy and willing would be using bicycles to work or for leisure. We would use electric bicycles to supplement summer and hot periods of the day.

Families could use car pool from the AV taxi service that would maintain the vehicles for shared use.

Pondy trips would be done frequently to ferry persons, buy goods. Mini-load carriers for general use would be scheduled and shared. Busses would be used to ferry children in the school time, groups and mass movement at other times, mini vans to ferry seniors on routine routes. We would have a community transport that we would have been proud of; like the green cover, but that is thanks to Mother Nature.

Even if today, those who own cars gave Rs 2 lakhs each to a community transport pool, we would have the first real step towards a community transport. I am sure each of these car owners can afford it and I am sure a Rupees 4 crore corpus fund would take us a strong step ahead in the right direction. Any willing Transporter? (I start with a pledge of Rs 2 lakhs)

Chandresh Patel