News & Notes 626:The Celestial Performance

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5 December 2015

The Celestial Performance

“…the principal reason why man has been created: to act as a bridge or bringing point between the kingdom of nature – mineral, plant, animal – and the kingdom of the soul which is man’s true homeland” (David Sprangler, “Vision of Findhorn” Anthology, Published by Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, 1978, p.81).

The November in Auroville was very rainy, cloudy. But I was lucky that on 6th Nov. before the morning light about 5 am the sky was clean and I could see from Aspiration community the planets (“wandering stars”) parade: the moon (quarter of the full moon), Jupiter and Venus were in one row and close to one another in the Leo (Lion) constellation. The Greek name for the moon is Selena and Greeks knew that the “selenites” creatures live on the moon; they never use cellphones, computers, and motorbikes. The moon has not its own light but uses the sunlight as a mirror. Jupiter is the super god for all other gods and goddesses. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. It was a divine company. According to a special heavenly grace I could see these planets and the dancing angels around them. It was a great charm, a real fairytale in the sky.

The Aspiration community isn’t an optimal place for astronomical observations. Many trees cover it like a jungle or botanical garden. In 1968 there was only one tree at the centre of the future community, a tamarind. Now this tree does not exist anymore but instead we have other huge trees, with many names: peepal, Boddhi tree, Buddha tree (The botanical name is Ficus religiosa). In the Boddh Gaya (Bihar State) the Lord Buddha received enlightenment under such a tree. The peepal tree is sacred in two religions: Buddhism and Hinduism. It has a relative: The banyan (Ficus bengalensis).

In 1968 only a few trees were on Auroville’s territory, you had an excellent view of the starry sky. But from a scientific point of view the day events in Auroville 1968 were more important. The sun beams touched the nude ground and returned into the Cosmos. For the planet’s biosphere this energy was lost, it is called: entropy. Now the green cover of Auroville catches the sun beams and transforms them in oxygen and biomass.

A Frenchman who arrived in Auroville in 1969 with the Caravan from Paris was surprised by the silence in the Auroville territory: there wasn’t one bird’s voice in the semi-desert landscape. Now we constantly have bird concerts during the day and the night: crow voices, myna, kingfisher, dove, owls, etc. His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Auroville in 1973 and afterwards in 1993. He said during his second visit that twenty years ago finding some shade in Auroville was a problem but in 1993 there was no problem anymore.

Colline and Jean in Two Banyans have grown forest for about forty years. When they started the biomass was a half-ton per hectare, now it is two hundred tons and eventually it will be two thousand tons. In the forest there are two main movements: One of them – the green parts move towards the sun – positive heliotropism. But the roots move in the opposite direction, it is called negative heliotropism. The evolution created these two movements for unity, for the Glory of Life.

Our city – “Utopia” – has existed for almost a half century. Many remarkable human beings, animals, plants are in the city at this time. I especially like Matilda – the rat snake about three meters long and very thick. It used to live in the Two Banyans forest – now Matilda’s spirit lives in Aspiration community. We together admired the parade of planets and agreed that the Divine Grace is endless.