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5 December 2015

Auroville International – News from the Centres


On Monday 23 November a first Auroville intro evening took place in Soleuvre/ Grand-Duchy. The event had been announced via cyber space and through a 10 mn radio interview with organiser Sonny Benoit who is the AVI Luxembourg contact person. The evening turned out to be quite a success with 75 people showing up, among whom a senior member of the municipality, two city councilors, a member of a research centre, members of AVI Netherlands and Germany, and last but not least, the honorary general consul of India to Luxembourg, Mr Ambi Venkataraman.

The evening was opened by Mr Claude Turmes, member of the European Parliament as EU deputy of the ‘Green Party Luxembourg’, who is also member of the EU delegation for India. He talked about the life of Sri Aurobindo and the inauguration of Auroville in 1968, after which Sonny shared general information about the City of Dawn and Aurovilian Ribhu Vohra presented the ‘WasteLESS’ project. During the subsequent gathering around snacks & beverages many people came forward and asked all kind of questions.

Ms Isa Wagner, AVI’s general secretary, met once again with Mr Turmes who reiterated his interest in Auroville and suggested he meets with some of the European AVI members in Brussels in spring next year to discuss further steps regarding the European House in Auroville’s International Zone.

The next day, Ribhu and Sonny visited the Lycée Michel Lucius, where more than 80 teenagers between 16-17 year old eagerly followed Ribhu’s powerpoint and talk till the very end. Ribhu also had the opportunity to visit a solid waste treatment project in Luxembourg which turned out to be an interesting connection and contact for the WasteLESS team.

The photo exhibition & information display that held the event continued till December 2nd with Sonny being available for the many inquiries from an interested Luxembourg audience.


On Saturday November 21st, AVI France held once more one of its Café Auroville events in Paris, this time dedicated to ‘Sri Aurobindo: Visionary, Revolutionary, Philosopher and Poet’. Organised well before the tragic events of the previous week, the evening acquired even greater depth and meaning given the context and the fact that the attacks had occurred in an area just nearby the place of venue.

The Café was attended by a good 50 people and began with a screening of the French version of Rakhal's new land fundraising film Landing Auroville, ‘Un Corps de Terre pour Auroville’, followed by an explanatory talk by Mandakini Lucien-Brun of A4A on Auroville's urgent land needs. Next was a video presentation of Sri Aurobindo's life and work, concluding with a summary of Sri Aurobindo's vision and teachings by Gilles Lachaud, president of the association of the French Pavilion in Auroville. Introduced by meditative music from the Ashram, ten attendees then read excerpts of texts by Sri Aurobindo, preceded by an explanation of their choice of text. Selections were taken from ‘The Life Divine’, ‘The Future Evolution of Man’, ‘The Riddle of this World’ and the poem ‘Reminiscence’, mostly focusing on the theme of human unity. One text contained Sri Aurobindo's explanation of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’.

The final event was a reading of Savitri in French by AVI France active member Francine Finck and long-term Aurovilian Jean Pougeault, both directly from Auroville via Skype. The evening was graced by the presence of Korean artist Bang Hai Ja, whose paintings on light are greatly inspired by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Some chanting, an Indian dinner and hours of animated discussion completed this highly positive and hopeful event.

The coming Café Auroville, on December 12th, will center around ‘LilaLoka’ with Aurovilian Sandrine Denier, one of the project’s co-founders, participating via Skype. Several Paris-based educationists, parents and children will take part in the event.


Just now the Autumn Newsletter of AVI Germany arrived, containing 17 colour pages packed with updates, photos, reporting and information. Main articles detail the recent Woodstock meeting in USA, plans for the ‘Europa House’ and the emerging cyber-network in Auroville. A very nice feature is that now the letter can be perused and downloaded via: [...]

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