News & Notes 624:“A Soldier's Voyage of Self Discovery”

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624 icon.jpg   News & Notes 624
21 November 2015

“A Soldier's Voyage of Self Discovery”

I would like to inform Auroville friends that the stocks of my book “A Soldier's Voyage of Self Discovery”, first published in 1995 and reprinted seven times up to 2012, have been exhausted. It was published in All India Press in Pondicherry which has since closed down.

I am happy to say that Claude Arpi has now published a new Edition on a digital basis with many additions. It is being printed by Christine in the Auroville Press.

I am happy to convey my gratitude to Claude and Christine for their spontaneous help. As printed copies are delivered, I have shared a few already within Auroville and outside to dear friends. They shall be made available in the main library and in Auroville schools.

Requests for any personal copies can be made directly to me in Auromodel or in Auroville Archives office at Bharat Nivas.

Krishna Tewari (Auromodel)