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617 icon.jpg   News & Notes 617
3 October 2015

Entry Service policy

Dear community members,

Following our last GM on the new Entry Policy, we have studied all the feedback received and incorporated as much as we could into the document. The revised document can be found here:

Alternatively, you will receive a mail with a link to this from the RAS.

The Auroville Council would like to try a method of moving forward with policies and mandates in general that does not involve voting but a rather elaborate, open, transparent and sincere 'feedback' process. In that vein, all feedback received has been compiled and the process explained below each one. This document can also be found in the same link on the Auronet.

For this Entry policy, we would like to invite more feedback on the revisions in the next 2 weeks, which will be followed by a feedback integration process.

This Policy will then be considered the operational policy for 18 months, after which the Auroville Council will review it and revise as necessary.

Please note that if you haven't already spoken up, now is your chance, as there will be no voting!

If you feel called to explore Mentorship, please write to us, we need participation! We intend to organize a few workshop sessions where this can be explored in depth. We can be reached at: avcoffice (at)

Thank you for your trust and participation!

For the Auroville Council - Sindhuja, Matriprasad