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3 October 2015

Auroville International – News from the Centres


This year the fourth of the prestigious Forum de l'Evolution de la Conscience (Forum of Consciousness Evolution) will take place in Paris on Saturday 10 October. As AVI France is partner to the Forum, Auroville will this year be very much present in the discussions which center around the “Living one’s utopia” theme.

Among the eight participating pioneers who will be carrying the full day programme, Auroville will be presented by Jean-Yves, Uma P and Aviram, who will share their experiences, challenges and achievements in their fields of activity in light of Auroville’s evolutionary and transformative vision. For full details about the Forum, this year’s speakers and registration, see: In the morning of the day after, Sunday 11 October, AVI France arranges for a more informal Q&A session with the above mentioned three Aurovilians. Further information can be obtained via: aurovilleinternationalfr (at)


The Dutch September e-newsletter carries well documented information on various Aurovilian topics and issues (such as Acres 4 AV; AV Radio; Savi’s web site; the recent AVI meeting in Woodstock; the AV community & NKN network coming up in AV; and more) and indicates that a new Dutch board membership may be in the making. Two promising meetings thus far have been held among dedicated candidates and the expectation is that possibly end October/begin November a new AVI Netherlands board team will start off. The newsletter can be read at:

For all AVI matters, contact: vani (at) This column is maintained by mauna (at)