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18 July 2015

Auroville Council report May/June 2015

Dear friends,

Despite the summer, the Auroville Council has been relatively active, with some of our members being TOS. We have been present in conversations - sharing - processes through our representatives in various working groups (Housing Board (Renuka), Security (Auroananda), FAMC (Matriprasad), BCC (Daniel) and regular joint meetings (Working Committee, Koodam).

We are also informed regularly by members of the Council who are also part of the Farm Group, Green Group, ABC support group etc., of the issues which concern our desk.

Currently, we are finalizing the new Entry mandate & policy/guidelines emphasizing the need , and encouraging the trend, of participation in our organization and decision-making processes.

For the new Land Board mandate, the subgroup is evaluating and incorporating the feedback received before re-publishing it for ratification.

An appeal process against the decision of working groups, currently undefined, remains a need we are faced with regularly; a process to define some parameters/ guideline for the same is being initiated presently, and is aimed to finished in the next 3 months.

Some updates:


The GM last week brought forth a better clarity on the current situation of the proposed NTDA. The RAS has set up a forum to receive feedback from all those present in the GM and will publish the meeting report soon.

New Entry Policy/ Guidelines

The sub-group of the AVC has concluded its work on the Entry Policy. A larger meeting with Working Committee, more members of the Entry Service and 4 members of the Growth Action Group was held, in which the draft by the sub-group was shared and reflected upon. The feedback received in this meeting will be incorporated into the document before publishing for feedback from the larger community in the next few weeks. A GM is also planned to present the spirit of the new proposal.

Windarra conflict – implementing the arbiters’ decision

The Implementation Monitoring Group has invited representatives of the Farm Group to be part of it. Details at the ground reality level are currently being worked out.

Arya appeal process

As per the Housing Policy in use, the Auroville Council is the body to deal with appeals against decisions of Housing Service. Upon Arya community’s appeal against the decision of allotting an apartment in the community to Rajaram, the AV Council put together an appeal body consisting of Michael Z, Bunty and Guy.

They studied the issue in depth and concluded that the appeal in question was without merit. The community has managed to reach an understanding regarding this situation following this process, helped by Anandi (PTDC) and Lakshmanan(Town Hall). Rajaram has been confirmed as the new steward of the apartment.

Resource Link

A note explaining the Resource Link was publishes a few weeks ago in the News and Notes. Isha (Swayam) is currently preparing a questionnaire for “Resource Persons” from the community in collaboration with the Auroville Council.


Davaselvam has resigned from the Council for reasons of too much workload. We thank him for his time with us and wish him all the best for his future projects. The team will welcome Rita back only when she has demonstrated her goodwill to be part of the team by acknowledging her previous and present actions.

Next in our agenda

  • FAMC: a subgroup is being formed to work on a new mandate.
  • Housing: within the next month we will be working on its mandate & policy and executives
  • The Contribution/ Maintenance policy to be reviewed in collaboration with BCC.
  • HRT mandate and membership to be reviewed in collaboration with the BCC
  • Green group mandate & guidelines to be published and posted for feedback
  • MM mandate and executives: process to start
  • Arbiters pool to be strengthened and enlarged in collaboration with Koodam
  • TDC functioning and mandate – to work in collaboration with the Working Committee
  • Security Policy and team renewal
  • Senior Care (stay, financial support etc.)
  • Unity Fund executives term of office

We intend to hold a General Meeting soon, in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted on the dates and venue.

Warm regards,
Auroville Council
(Daniel, Guy, Veronique, Matriprasad, Renuka, Auroananda and Sindhuja)