Mother's Agenda

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Mother's Agenda

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(Loretta:) “Perhaps the greatest living personal record of bravery and work for humanity that there is or ever will be.”[1]

(Amrit:) “As conveyed in the Agenda tapes, the interactions between Satprem and the Mother during this earlier time were warm and loving – indeed very special and moving. And though uplifted into his better self by Her Power and Presence, yet in his anguish at Her passing, something seemed to snap, and he subsequently reverted to his past demons. His shadow which She was constantly attempting to exorcise, returned in full force. … The Satprem of the Agenda conversations was not the Satprem of the Agenda footnotes. It was as if two distinct and separate personalities were acting out their own truths in different times.
         Hopefully one day, the Agenda of the Mother will be republished in its unfettered original to allow Her words to speak their own truth, free of the influence of Satprem's footnotes and prefaces. For the work of bringing the full Agenda into bright daylight, he is owed the gratitude of our hearts, but for the havoc caused by the overpowering influence of his bitter personality are invoked our watchful wariness and circumspection. In the final overarching scheme of things, Satprem played his part, and like all of us, realized whatever of his destiny he was meant to fulfill.”[2]

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