Mental atmosphere of the earth

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“I told you, didn't I, that I saw the death of the Pope [John XXIII] without even knowing he was ill? ... One night, I suddenly saw in the mental atmosphere of the EARTH quite an awesome movement, that is to say, quite global: there were great mental waves (nothing but mental), great waves of anxiety, as though all human thought were very upset; but it wasn't the anxiety of the believers, it was a very global movement — the earth's mental atmosphere was stirring with great movements of upheaval and anxiety (Mother draws waves in the air). I thought, “What's happening?... What's happening that can so upset men?” (as would happen, for instance, with a world war or events of that kind), “What's happening that can draw the attention of the whole earth's atmosphere, its mental atmosphere?” And the next day, I was told that just at that time, the Pope died. So I thought, “Indeed! ...” ”[1]

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