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“The Treasure of the Flame-Island”
by Emanuele
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(Mother, 1965:) “This central point is a park I had seen when I was a little girl (perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world with regard to physical, material Nature), a park with water and trees like all parks, and flowers, but not too many (flowers in the form of creepers), palm trees and ferns (all species of palm trees), water (if possible, running water – it must be running water) and, if possible, a small waterfall – running water.”[1]

(Mother to Huta:) “Human beings and their minds are distorted. They must go around beautiful gardens and see plants and flowers.”[2]

(Shyam Sunder on a meeting with Mother, 6 March 1973:) “Vikas proposes that twelve white doves be kept in the Matrimandir area and trained to make this their home.
         Mother remarked, “I was thinking whether they will be taken care of.”
         “Perhaps it is not the time for it,” I suggested.
         “Yes.” ”[3]

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