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Auroville Universal Township Master plan
(Perspective: 2025)
Auroville Master Plan 2001 (Perspective 2025).jpg
PDF (104 pages)
    2001 Master Plan Approval MHRD.jpg

The Master Plan is approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development via its letter No. F. 27-3/2000-UU, dated 12th April, 2001

(Master Plan, p.3:) “It is gratifying that the Master Plan has not only been designed by the residents of Auroville and approved by the Governing Board, but the Town and Country Planning Office of the Union Ministry of Urban Development has also extended valuable collaboration and thus enhanced the excellence of this Plan.”

(Master Plan, p.9:) “[The Government of India has] recommended a planning system consisting of a set of four interrelated plans with the Perspective Plan at its apex and Plans of Projects at the base, with the Development Plan and the Annual Plan facilitating the implementation of the Urban Perspective Plan. In line with these guidelines, this Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) of Auroville has been conceived.”

Invitation from Secretary, 31 July 2021:

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