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“The Auroville Maintenance System”
by Carel
Auroville Today, Nov. 1998

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June 1, 2021:

Below are the different options of possible support from the City Services Budget. It is for each one to request according to one’s needs and resources.

All Maintenance components are transferred at the beginning of the month.

Auroville Maintenances
Care package Half maintenance Full maintenance
Cash -   Rs. 3,000 Rs. 6,000
Kind -   1,250 6,750
Lunch 2,050 2,050 2,050
Health Fund 500 500 500
In-Kind Scheme 1,700 1,700 1,700
Total 4,250 8,500 17,000

(Auroville Master Plan, 2001:) “In August 1999, the Auroville Maintenance Fund / Financial Service introduced a new software which provides for the possibility for each Aurovilian to have both a cash and a kind account. This is meant to be a tool to help Auroville to move into an internal economy where there is no exchange of money. It is hoped that the needs of Aurovilians who are now covered either by themselves, by projects or by the commercial units for whom they work, will progressively be covered in a different way through the combined resources of the community.”

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