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(Mother:) “You know, it is in the physical perfection that the work of transformation begins. And it is an impeccable perfection in material life that the seed of transformation can grow. That is why she is indispensable to begin the process of material transformation. When all around me, and everywhere I look, in the surrounding and near me, she has established a harmony, a peace and a joy in her expression with a dedication and a surrender to belong to me, then, spontaneously, the body absorbs these things in itself and the work of transformation is done much more easily. It is in this way that Mahasaraswati helps me to hasten the work of transformation.”[1]

“If you have an imperious need of perfection – in your heart, in your actions, in all that you do, even in your attitude – to be more and more perfect, then be sure that you are under Mahasaraswati's influence. You must aspire towards this perfection and accomplish it in your daily life. This thirst for perfection should be one of the aims that you pursue, the perfection which strives towards a greater perfection, always progressive, complete, global, with an amplitude and a certitude, more and more vast and infinitely true. The consciousness must turn towards this state or mode which requires and which is satisfied only by the need of perfection, only to find the perfection in whatever we do in life; then it is a solid base for our yoga of transformation. Then one understands the necessity of all that she gives constantly and bestows upon us her full compassion. Otherwise all is lost, dissolved in the atmosphere … like this (gesture) as it happens constantly with all that the Lord sends to us, without end – the rain of Love, of Light, of Ananda, of His Kindness, of His Compassion and His Grace which is showered constantly … The whole atmosphere is charged and is flooded from all sides … and no one takes advantage of this great phenomenon. What a loss! What an occasion squandered.”[2]

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