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(Chitra Sen:) “During the distribution in the Playground, She would sit in front of the map of India and as we got into a file and passed by Her, She would distribute [groundnuts, toffees etc.] to us very fast. Often you would feel that She has not even looked at you. But She would say, “One moment is enough for me, I am working with each one of you.” …
        Once I had seen tears in the Mother's eyes during distribution. I have brought here some lines from what She had told me then. “It depends on the person,” She said. When the Mother comes down for blessings, “it is generally the Mahasaraswati aspect that deals with people, arranging everything and everyone in their respective places. Sometimes other personalities also come. The sadness in the eyes that you saw that day was that of Mahalakshmi. She is hurt when things are ugly, especially when there is distrust, unfaithfulness. She is then full of pity. How nice, beautiful and happy the world could be and what have men made of it!” ”[1]

  1. Remembering the Mother with Gratitude, p.21, “The Eternal Flame”

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