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(T. Kodandarama Rao:) “In the mornings, between 9 and 10 a.m. he [Sri Aurobindo] used to see visitors and sadhakas also. I was going to him now and then in the morning to narrate my experiences and clear some doubts. At that time, I used to feel the aroma of lotuses in his presence. In those days there were no flowers kept on his table and much less the lotuses. When I told some friends about this, they said that it was my psychic sense and nothing more. They could not explain the phenomenon. But I read in some books on Rajayoga later on that great yogis emitted this lotus fragrance from their divine bodies.”[1]

  1. Breath of Grace, “Sri Aurobindo and The Mother as I saw Them Fifty Years Back” by T. Kodandarama Rao

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