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Transcript of:
Mother's Questions and Answers: May 2, 1956
by Loretta, 2016 (1:23:20)
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For the first time, in this class people start to ask questions about the new supramental force. We know that Mother began to write about it in April. And one writing appeared in the Ashram publication called the Bulletin of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. This is a quarterly; it comes out four times a year. And its red cover is very familiar to all who went through the school, all who were in the Ashram, and all who visited the Ashram down through the years.

So in the April 1956 issue of the Bulletin, Mother put her [[Loretta reads Mother's Questions and Answers:1956-04-25}newly-changed part of that prayer]] that she wrote in 1914. And now people have read this:

29 February — 29 March
Lord, Thou hast willed, and I execute:
A new light breaks upon the earth,
A new world is born.
The things that were promised are fulfilled.”[1]

And by the time of this class (the beginning of May), everyone would have seen it. And the week before, she gave out a darshan message for April 24th, which said that the new force was here; it was active whether people could see it or not.

So now there are a few questions about it. And perhaps we get some idea from what Mother says of why no one has asked about it until now.

It turns out that very, very, very few people had any experience of it when it happened, or were aware of anything new. Possibly Mother didn't say anything about it because she wanted to see whether the people around her would feel it, or become aware of it in some way.

Mother told Amal Kiran that there were only five people who knew about the supramental manifestation when it happened: two in the Ashram, and three outside. And one of these three people outside was Amal himself. And he only knew because he had asked Mother back in 1938 to tell him when it came. He was in a train on his way to Bombay and Mother appeared to him. He couldn't figure out what she was doing there at all! And later he asked Mother; and she reminded him that eighteen years before, she had promised to inform him when it came.

But there must have been others, like the sadhika – the lady who was a girl in those days – and who told me that she was feeling something in the atmosphere of the Ashram. And when she wrote about it to Mother, Mother wrote back to her to say she was happy this girl was getting something from the new force. So that must have been going on at least a little bit.

In one of her talks, Mother said that she herself did not expect the supramental manifestation on February 29th, 1956. She said:

“It was absolutely unexpected on that day. But all my greatest experiences have come like that. I'm in my usual consciousness, and they come all of a sudden, as if to show all their reality in the fullest contrast and vividness. One obtains the best value of a realization when it is first experienced thus. If one is informed beforehand, the mind begins to play a part.”

And then we have a prediction. And it's so interesting that even this prediction didn't alert Mother to anything. Fourteen months before February 29th 1956, on the New Year's Eve – the evening of December 31st of 1954 – everyone was in the Playground, and Mother told everyone:

“it is foreseen that next year will be a difficult year and there will be many inner struggles and even outer ones perhaps. […] These difficulties may perhaps last not only twelve months, that is, one full year, but perhaps fourteen months”[2]

“Mother, you said that next year will be a difficult year.
“Is it that...
“Ah, yes! Next year... in a few hours! (Laughter) So?
“Will it be a difficult year for the Ashram or also for India and the whole world?
“Generally. The world, India, the Ashram and individuals. Everyone according to his mode, naturally not in the same way for all. Some things will seem easier than others. But generally speaking it is — if you like I can tell you — it is the last hope of the adverse forces to triumph against the present Realisation.”[3]

So Mother knew this already. And if we count precisely fourteen months from December 31st 1954, we come to February 29th 1956. It's certainly a prophesy that came completely true.

Not only that; we also know now that Sri Aurobindo came to Mother two or three times in January of 1956 to tell her that the supramental manifestation was coming. In her Agenda, Mother told Satprem that she was in contact with Sri Aurobindo almost every night. So during January of '56, at some of the time they were together, he told her it was coming. But as we can see, he did not give her the exact date. So as she said, she was not expecting it at all on February 29th.

We could speculate that Sri Aurobindo knew, or did not know. But if he knew, perhaps he didn't want her to be expecting something ahead of time, because as Mother said, the mind gets in there.

And here we have a really wonderful thing! It's a prediction in Sri Aurobindo's Record of Yoga. A prediction of when the supramental would manifest. And we really have to thank Richard Hartz in the Ashram Archives, because he pointed this out. I don't believe it's common knowledge – I never heard of it. And it's been years and years that I've been here. And it's certainly one of the most incredible facts. And it shows us also how important Mother and Sri Aurobindo's work was. It gives us some sense of what great beings they were, that they were – you could say, 'entrusted with' – or they were the ones to be doing this work on the earth. And it also shows us the cosmic importance; and people who participated who were not on the earth.

Sri Aurobindo did a little automatic writing as part of his sadhana. And it wasn't something that he started out wanting to do; but in 1914, when Mother first came to the Ashram with Paul Richard, Paul Richard suggested it. It was apparently something that he did, and Sri Aurobindo decided to try it out.

Generally, automatic writing means that you ask a question, and a disembodied being – who's on a plane that can give the answer – moves your hand, and so you write automatically the answer. And of course it's questionable as to whether they know what they're talking about; because as Mother and Sri Aurobindo have told us, sometimes these beings just want control or influence on the earth plane. But it must also depend on who is asking the question, as to who comes to give the answer. Because in the case of Sri Aurobindo, it would seem that he got some really serious answers. And we have a really amazing one here.

These automatic writings are published in the Record of Yoga. When you read them, you can see that Sri Aurobindo is asking a lot of questions. But he couldn't write down his questions – he didn't have time, and all he could do was write down the answers. (That is to say he wasn't writing anything – this being was moving his hand.) So one after the other, you see a kind of series of what definitely seem to be responses to questions that have been asked, but we don't have the questions.

So the prophesy is in the second set of automatic writings. It's in Volume 2 of the Record of Yoga, towards the back. And it's dated circa-1914. So the being who replied here, refused to identify himself – which is really interesting. I guess Sri Aurobindo must have asked him who he was or something, because he says:

“As to who I am, how will that help you.”[4]

And then comes a series of other things. And then it looks like Sri Aurobindo asked when the supramental would come. Because the writing says:

“I do not think it will take long – Forty three years for the work is my calculation, but Rama must manifest soon if it is to be done so quickly. For the changing of the world – For it to be completed. In 1956 – 7. Complete!!”[5]

And there are two exclamation marks after “Complete”, which means the guy was very emphatic about what he's talking about. And if you want to read these things, they're on pages 1406 and 1408 of Volume 2 of the Record of Yoga.

There's a footnote on page 1408 by the editor, and the editor is Richard from the Archives – he put this together. And he wrote that Sri Aurobindo's hand first wrote “Forty two years”, and then wrote over the “two” and made it “Forty three”. So, we also have the date: “1956 – 7”. Forty-two, forty-three; 1956, 1957. So it seems that all this was known by these beings on the higher planes. And they gave everything they knew to Sri Aurobindo, back in 1914. So this was already written down by Sri Aurobindo; it was in the Record of Yoga; he left in 1950, this happened in 1956. And it took many, many, many years – decades – before the Record of Yoga actually was published.

And when you think of being able to give this information, you can imagine how important this whole thing was, on so many levels of the creation; and what beings were there – what great beings were there – watching, working for it, doing what they could. All in this climate of all the asuric beings and the forces fighting against this new manifestation at the same time.

And it's interesting to know how Richard could find out the “two” under the “three”. He worked on a light-table often, which is a piece of glass lit from below, to make the writing as clear as possible. Often the pages were very old: sometimes a hundred years old. Sri Aurobindo's writing got less legible as he got older. And Richard once said that the light-table presented its own problems; because he could often see the writing both on the front and the back at the same time. And then he had to really work hard to make sure not to mix or confuse them.

So with all this really fascinating background: knowing that it's really a cosmic event, known on so many levels, waited for, expected, wanted on so many levels; knowing these great beings; knowing that Mother was the one who actually brought it down on the 29th of February – we're going to go to Mother's class. Where she's going to briefly answer two questions about what she read; but most of the class is her own practical experience, and great wisdom, and even her sense of humor, about what is going on at that very crucial time in history. Because what was going on was the very first touch of a birth of a new world. Which will eventually change everything.

We have the original tape, and it will play after the English translation.

It's the 2nd of May, 1956. Here we are, sitting in the Ashram, in the Playground. We've read the Bulletin; we know about the darshan message, but probably we have no idea what was going to happen. Mother has read from The Synthesis of Yoga; and then she very carefully and lovingly answers a question. A girl says...

2 May 1956[6]

(The Synthesis of Yoga, Part I, Chapter IV:
“The Sacrifice, the Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice”)

Ch.4 The Sacrifice, the Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice.jpg
PDF (28 pages)

[Sweet Mother, I have not understood well from the beginning, when he speaks of the union of the triple character.]

[The union...?]

[Of the triple character.]

[What are the triple character?]

[“The first is a liberation from the Ignorance and identification with the Real and Eternal.”[7]]

[The second?]

[“The dwelling of the soul with or in the Divine.”]

[The third?]

[“Identity in nature, likeness to the Divine, to be perfect as That is perfect.”]

[And then, what haven't you understood? The three states, or what? (Then there's quite a long silence, and you can hear pages being turned. So Mother is looking for it in the book. And then we hear Mother say:) Is it at the very beginning?]



[(Then there's an even longer silence. Everyone's waiting while Mother reads.)]

[But he explains it. He says, the first is the liberation out of ignorance. The second is the union, isn't it, the union of the soul with the Divine. And that is the aim and the goal of the yoga of love. And then, the third is the identity of nature, the similarity with the Divine.]

That is to say, not only is there union in the depths, but there is also union outwardly, in the activities. There is union in knowledge, union in love and union in works. To put it otherwise: the yoga of knowledge, the yoga of love and devotion, and the yoga of works. These are the three modes of approach he speaks about.

Sweet Mother, here Sri Aurobindo speaks of “the soul’s native world”. What is the soul’s native world?

It is the divine Principle.


Is that all?

Sweet Mother, you have said: The Supramental has descended upon earth. What does that mean exactly? You have also said: “The things that were promised are fulfilled.” What are these things?1

Ah, that’s ignorance indeed! This was promised a very long time ago, this was said very long ago — not only here — since the beginning of the earth. There have been all kinds of predictions, by all kinds of prophets; it has been said, “There will be a new heaven and a new earth, a new race will be born, the world will be transformed....” Prophets have spoken about this in all the traditions.

You have said, “They are fulfilled.”

Yes. And so?

Where is the new race?

The new race? Wait for something like... a few thousand years, and you will see it!

When the mind descended upon earth, between the time the mind manifested in the earth-atmosphere and the time the first man appeared, nearly a million years elapsed. Now it will go faster because man expects it, he has a vague idea; he is expecting in some sense the advent of the superman, while, certainly, the apes did not expect the birth of man, they had never thought of it — for the good reason that they probably don’t think much. But man has thought of it and awaits it, so it will go faster. But faster means still thousands of years probably. We shall speak about it again after a few thousand years!


People who are inwardly ready, who are open and in contact with higher forces, people who have had a more or less direct personal contact with the supramental Light and Consciousness are able to feel the difference in the earth-atmosphere.

But for that... Only the like can know the like, only the supramental Consciousness in an individual can perceive this Supermind acting in the earth-atmosphere. Those who, for some reason or other, have developed this perception, can see it. But those who are not even conscious of an inner being — just slightly within — and who would be quite at a loss to say what their soul is like, these certainly are not ready to perceive the difference in the earth-atmosphere. They still have a long way to go for that. Because, for those whose consciousness is more or less exclusively centred in the outer being — mental, vital and physical — things need to take on an absurd and unexpected appearance for them to be able to recognise them. Then they call them miracles.

But the constant miracle of the intervention of forces which changes circumstances and characters and has a very widespread result, this they do not call a miracle, for only the mere appearance is seen and this seems quite natural. But, truly speaking, if you were to reflect upon the least little thing that happens, you would be obliged to acknowledge that it is miraculous.

It is simply because you don’t reflect upon it that you take things as they are, for what they are, without questioning; otherwise every day you would have any number of occasions to tell yourself, “Really, but this is quite astonishing! How did it happen?”

Quite simply, it is a habit of seeing things in a purely superficial way.

Sweet Mother, what should our attitude be towards this new Consciousness?

That depends on what you want to do with it.

If you want to look at it as a curiosity, you have only to watch, to try to understand.

If you want it to change you, you must open yourself and make an effort to progress.

[(And then Mother waits, she's quiet. And then that disciple who asks a lot of questions kind of mumbles in a very low voice:)]
Will people profit collectively or individually from this new manifestation?
[(And Mother responds by saying very loudly:)]


[Will people profit collectively or individually from this new manifestation?]

Why do you ask this question?

Because many people who have come here are asking, “How are we going to profit from it?”


And why should they profit from it? What are their claims to profit? Just because they have taken a train to come here?

[(And the disciple says in a low voice:) Basically it's that.]

I knew some people who came here quite a long, long time ago, something like — oh! I don’t remember now, but very long ago — certainly more than twenty years ago, and the first time someone died in the Ashram, they showed considerable dissatisfaction, saying, “But I came here because I thought this yoga would make me immortal [(and then the children start to giggle in the background)]; but if people can die, why would I have come?” [(And the children are laughing.)]

Well, it is the same thing. People take the train to come here — there were nearly a hundred and fifty more than usual this time, just because they wanted to “profit”. But perhaps this is just why they did not profit! For That has not come to make people profit in any way whatever.

They ask if it will be easier to overcome their inner difficulties.

I shall repeat the same thing. What grounds and what right have they to ask that it should be easier? What have they done, these people, on their side? Why would it be easier? To satisfy people’s laziness and indolence — or what?

Because when something new happens, people always have the idea of profiting from it.

No! not only when there is something new: everywhere and always people have the idea of profiting. But that is indeed the best way of not getting anything.

Whom do they want to deceive here? The Divine?... That is hardly possible.

It is the same with those who ask for an interview. I tell them, “Listen, you have come in large numbers, and if everybody asks me for an interview, I won’t even have enough minutes in all these days to see everyone. During your stay, I won’t have even a minute.” Then they say, “Oh! I have taken so much trouble. I have come from so far away, I have come down from this place, I have come down from that far, I travelled so many hours — and have I no right to an interview?” I say, “I am sorry, but you are not the only one in that position.”

That is it, you see: it is give and take, bargaining. We are not a commercial establishment, we have said we didn’t do business.

The number of disciples is increasing now day by day. What does that indicate?

But naturally it will go on increasing more and more! And that is why I can’t do now what I used to do when there were a hundred and fifty people in the Ashram. If only they had a little common sense, they would understand that I can’t have the same relations with people now—there were 1800 of them here recently, my children! So I can’t have the same relations with 1845 people — I believe that was the exact number — as with about thirty or even a hundred. This seems to me a logic easy enough to understand.

But they want everything to remain as it used to be, and, as you say, they want to be the first to “benefit”.

Mother, when mind descended into the earth-atmosphere, the apes had not made any effort to change into man, had they? It was Nature which provided the effort. But here...

But it is not man who is going to change himself into superman!


Just try! (Laughter)

That’s it, you see, it is something else which is going to work.

So, we are...

Only — yes, there is an only, I don’t want to be so cruel: Now MAN CAN COLLABORATE. That is to say, he can lend himself to the process, with goodwill, with aspiration, and help as best he can. And that is why I said it would go faster. I hope it will go much faster.

But even so, much faster is still going to take a little time!


Listen. If all of you who have heard about this, not once but perhaps hundreds of times, who have spoken about it yourselves, thought of it, hoped for it, wanted it — there are people who came here for that, with the intention of receiving the supramental Force and being transformed into supermen — that was their aim, wasn’t it?... But how is it that all of you were so unfamiliar with this Force that when it came you didn’t even feel it?

Can you solve this problem for me? If you have the solution to this problem, you will have the solution to the difficulty.

I am not speaking of people from outside who have never thought of this, never been concerned with it, and who don’t even know that there is something like a Supermind to be received, you understand. I am speaking of those who have based their life on this aspiration — and I do not doubt their sincerity, not for a moment — who have worked, some for thirty years, some for thirty-five, some a little less, who have done everything saying,“When the Supermind comes... When the Supermind comes...”, that was the refrain, “When the Supermind comes...” Therefore, they were truly in the best possible state, one couldn’t dream of a better. How is it that the inner preparation was so — let us say simply — so incomplete, that when the Vibration came they did not immediately feel it with the impact of identity?

Individually, the aim of each one was to prepare himself, to enter into a more or less close individual relation with this Force, to help; or, if they could not help, at least to be ready when the Force would manifest, to recognise it and open to it. And instead of being an alien element in a world where what you carry within yourself is not manifested, you suddenly become that, you enter straight in, fully, into this very atmosphere: it is this Force that is there, surrounding you, penetrating you.

If you had had even a little inner contact, immediately you would have recognised it, wouldn’t you?

Well, anyway, that is what happened to those who had a little inner contact; they recognised it, felt it; they said, “Ah! Here it is, it has come.” But how is it, then, that so many hundreds of people, not to speak of the small handful of those who truly wanted nothing but that, thought of nothing but that, had staked their whole life on that, how is it that they did not feel anything?

What can this mean?

Of course, it is only like that knows like. That is an obvious fact.

There was a possibility of coming into contact with the Thing individually — Sri Aurobindo had even described it as the necessary process: a certain number of people who, through their inner effort and aspiration, enter into contact with this Force. That was what we used to call the ascent to the Supermind. And so, even if it were by an inner ascent — that is to say, by freeing themselves from the material consciousness — if by an inner ascent they had touched the Supermind, they should naturally have recognised it the moment it came. But it was indispensable to have had a previous contact: if they had not touched it, how could they have recognised it?

That is to say, the universal movement is like that — I read that to you some days ago — certain individuals, who are the pioneers, the vanguard, through inner effort and inner progress enter into communication with the new Force which is to manifest and receive it into themselves. And then, as there are calls of this kind, the thing is made possible, and the age, the time, the moment of the manifestation comes. This is how it happened — and the Manifestation took place.

But, then all those who were ready must have recognised it.

I hasten to tell you that there are some who did recognise it, but still... But those who ask questions, who even came here, took the train in order to drink this up as one drinks a glass of syrup, if they had not made any preparation, how could they feel anything at all? And already they talk about benefiting: “We want to profit from it....”

After all, it is quite possible — I am joking a little — it is quite possible that if they have even the least bit of sincerity — not too much, for that is tiring! just a little sincerity — that will give them a few good knocks to make them go faster. This is possible. In fact, I think, this is what will happen.

But indeed, this attitude... this attitude, which is a little too mercenary, is not usually very profitable. If one aspires sincerely and if one has difficulties, perhaps these difficulties will diminish. Let us hope so.

(Turning to the disciple) So this is what you can tell them: be sincere and you will be helped.

[(And then the disciple says something very fast in a low voice, and Mother cannot hear him.)]

[What is it? What, what? What? Oh, it is impossible, I don't understand anything.]

[(And then he takes courage and he speaks up. And he says:)]
Mother, a statement has gone round here, very recently — it says, “What has just happened, with this Victory, is not a descent but a manifestation. And it is more than an individual event: the Supermind has emerged into the universal play.”

Yes, yes, yes. In fact I said all this, I acknowledge it. So?

They say, “The supramental principle is at work...”

But I have just explained all this to you at length (Mother laughs), this is terrible!

What I call a “descent” is this: first the consciousness rises in an ascent, you catch the Thing up there, and come down with it. That is an individual event.

When this individual event has happened in a way that proves sufficient to create a possibility of a general kind, it is no longer a “descent”, it is a “manifestation”.

What I call a descent is the individual movement, in an individual consciousness. And when it is a new world manifesting in an old world — just as, for a comparison, when mind spread upon the earth — I call that a manifestation.

You may call it whatever you like, it’s all the same to me, but we should understand each other.

What I call a descent is in the individual consciousness. Just as one speaks of ascent — there is no ascent, you see: there is neither above nor below nor any direction, it is away of speaking — you speak of ascent when you have the feeling of rising up towards something; and you call it a descent when, after having caught that thing, you bring it down into yourself.

But when the gates are open and the flood comes in, you can’t call it a descent. It is a Force which is spreading out. Understood?... Ah!

It’s all one to me, the words you use. I am not particularly attached to words, but I explain them to you, and it is better to understand each other, for otherwise there is no end to explanations.

Now, to people who ask you these insidious questions, you may reply that the best way of receiving anything whatever is not to pull, but to give. If they want to give themselves to the new life, well, the new life will enter into them.

But if they want to pull the new life down into themselves, they will close their door with their own egoism. That’s all.

[(Then there's a silence, very long. Mother waits to see if there are any more questions. And she says:)]

[Is that all?]

Le 2 mai 1956[8]

Sri Aurobindo dit que l’union a un triple caractère : d’abord la libération hors de l’Ignorance et l’identification avec le Réel et Éternel...

C’est le yoga de la connaissance.

Puis l’âme demeure avec ou dans le Divin.

Ça, c’est le but du yoga de l’amour.

Puis l’identité de nature, la similitude avec le Divin : « être parfait comme Cela est parfait ».

C’est-à-dire que non seulement il y a union dans les profondeurs, mais il y a union extérieurement, dans les activités. Il y a l’union dans la connaissance, l’union dans l’amour et l’union dans les oeuvres. Autrement dit : le yoga de la connaissance, le yoga de l’amour et de la dévotion, et le yoga du travail. Ce sont les trois manières d’approche dont il parle.

Douce Mère, ici Sri Aurobindo parle du « lieu d’origine de l’âme ». Quel est le lieu d’origine de l’âme ?

C’est le Principe divin.


C’est tout ?

Douce Mère, tu as dit : « Le Supramental est descendu sur la terre. » Qu’est‑ce que cela veut dire exactement ? Tu as dit aussi : « Les choses promises sont accomplies. » Quelles sont ces choses ?

Ah ! ça alors, c’est de l’ignorance ! Cela a été promis depuis très longtemps, cela a été dit depuis très longtemps — pas ici seulement, depuis le commencement de la terre. Il y a eu toutes sortes de prédictions, par toutes sortes de prophètes ; on a dit : « I l y aura de nouveaux cieux et une nouvelle terre, une race nouvelle naîtra, le monde sera transformé... » Des prophètes ont parlé de cela dans toutes les traditions.

Tu as dit : « Elles sont accomplies. »

Oui. Et alors ?

Où est la race nouvelle ?

La race nouvelle ? Attends quelque chose comme... un certain nombre de milliers d’années, et tu la verras !

Quand le mental est descendu sur la terre, entre le moment où le mental s’est manifesté dans l’atmosphère terrestre et le moment où a paru le premier homme, il s’est passé à peu près un million d’années. Alors cela ira plus vite, parce que l’homme attend, il a une vague idée ; il attend d’une façon quelconque l’arrivée du surhomme. Tandis que certainement, les singes n’attendaient pas la naissance de l’homme, ils n’y avaient jamais pensé. Pour la bonne raison que, probablement, ils ne pensent pas beaucoup. Mais l’homme a pensé à cela et s’y attend, alors cela ira plus vite. Mais plus vite, cela veut dire encore des milliers d’années probablement. Nous en reparlerons dans des milliers d’années !


Les gens qui sont prêts intérieurement, qui sont ouverts et qui sont en rapport avec les forces supérieures, les gens qui ont eu un contact personnel plus ou moins direct avec la Lumière et la Conscience supramentales, ceux-là sont capables de sentir la différence dans l’atmosphère terrestre.

Mais pour cela... Il n’y a que le semblable qui peut connaître le semblable, il n’y a que la Conscience supramentale dans un individu qui peut percevoir ce Supramental agissant dans l’atmosphère terrestre. Ceux qui, pour une raison quelconque, ont développé cette perception peuvent le voir. Mais ceux qui ne sont même pas conscients, fût-ce d’un être un peu intérieur, et qui seraient bien embarrassés de dire comment est leur âme, ceux-là certainement ne sont pas prêts à percevoir la différence dans l’atmosphère terrestre. Ils ont encore pas mal de chemin à faire pour cela. Parce que, pour ceux dont la conscience est plus ou moins exclusivement centrée dans l’être extérieur — mental, vital et physique —, il faut que les choses aient une apparence absurde et inattendue pour qu’ils puissent les reconnaître. Alors ils appellent cela des miracles.

Mais le miracle constant de l’intervention des forces qui change les circonstances et les caractères et qui a un effet très généralisé, on n’appelle pas cela un miracle, parce que l’on ne voit que juste l’apparence, et cela vous paraît tout à fait naturel. Mais à vrai dire, si vous réfléchissiez à la moindre des choses qui se passent, vous seriez obligé de vous dire que c’est miraculeux.

C’est simplement parce que vous n’y réfléchissez pas que vous prenez les choses comme elles sont, pour ce qu’elles sont, sans questionner, autrement vous auriez quotidiennement une quantité considérable d’occasions de vous dire : « T iens, mais ça, c’est tout à fait étonnant. Comment est‑ce arrivé ? »

Tout simplement, l’habitude d’une vision purement superficielle.

Douce Mère, quelle doit être notre attitude envers cette nouvelle Conscience ?

Cela dépend de ce que vous voulez en faire.

Si vous voulez regarder cela comme une curiosité, alors vous n’avez qu’à regarder, essayer de comprendre.

Si vous voulez que cela vous change vous-même, il faut vous ouvrir et faire un effort de progrès.

Profitera-t-on collectivement ou individuellement de cette manifestation nouvelle ?

Pourquoi posez-vous cette question ?

Parce que beaucoup de gens sont arrivés ici et ils demandent : « Comment allons-nous en profiter ? »

Oh !

Et pourquoi en profiteraient-ils ? Quels sont leurs titres à profiter ? Simplement parce qu’ils ont pris un train pour venir ici ?

J’ai connu des gens qui étaient venus ici, il y a fort, fort longtemps, quelque chose comme... oh ! je ne me souviens plus, mais il y a fort longtemps, certainement plus de vingt ans, et la première fois que quelqu’un est mort dans l’Ashram, ils ont témoigné d’un mécontentement considérable en disant : « Mais moi, je suis venu ici parce que je pensais que ce yoga me rendrait immortel ; mais si l’on peut mourir, pourquoi serais-je venu ! »

Eh bien, c’est la même chose. Les gens prennent le train pour venir ici — il y a eu à peu près cent cinquante personnes de plus que les autres fois , simplement parce qu’ils voulaient « profiter ». Mais c’est peut-être pour cela qu’ils n’en ont pas profité ! Parce que Ce n’est pas venu pour faire profiter les gens de quoi que ce soit.

Ils demandent si leurs difficultés intérieures seront plus faciles à surmonter ?

Je répéterai la même chose. Quelles raisons et quel droit ont-ils à demander que ce soit plus facile ? Qu’est‑ce qu’ils ont fait, eux, de leur côté ? Pourquoi serait-ce plus facile ? Pour satisfaire la paresse et l’indolence des gens — ou quoi ?

Parce que, quand quelque chose de nouveau arrive, on a toujours l’idée d’en profiter.

Non ! pas seulement quand il y a quelque chose de nouveau : dans tous les cas et toujours on a l’idée de profiter. Mais ça, c’est la meilleure façon de ne rien avoir.

Qui est‑ce que l’on veut tromper ici ? Le Divin ?... Ce n’est guère possible.

C’est comme ceux qui demandent une entrevue. Je leur dis : « Écoutez, vous êtes venus en grand nombre, et si chacun me demande une entrevue, je n’aurai même pas assez de minutes dans toutes les journées pour voir tout le monde. Pendant le temps que vous restez, je n’aurai même pas une minute. » Alors ils disent : « Oh ! j’ai pris tant de peine, je suis venu de si loin, je suis venu de là-haut ici, je suis venu de là-haut là, j’ai fait tant d’heures de voyage — et je n’ai pas droit à une entrevue ? » Je dis : « Je regrette, mais vous n’êtes pas le seul à être comme cela. »

C’est cela, n’est‑ce pas : c’est donnant-donnant, le marchandage. Nous ne sommes pas un établissement commercial, nous avons dit que nous ne faisions pas de commerce.

Le nombre des disciples augmente de jour en jour maintenant, qu’est‑ce que cela indique ?

Mais naturellement il augmentera de plus en plus ! Et c’est pour cela que je ne peux pas faire ce que je faisais quand il y avait cent cinquante personnes à l’Ashram. S’ils avaient seulement un petit peu de bon sens, ils comprendraient que je ne peux pas avoir les mêmes relations avec les gens maintenant ; ils ont été ces jours-ci mille huit cents, mes enfants ! alors je ne peux pas avoir les mêmes relations avec mille huit cent quarantecinq personnes (je crois, exactement) qu’avec une trentaine ou même une centaine. Cela me paraît d’une logique assez facile à comprendre.

Mais eux, veulent que tout reste comme c’était et que, comme vous dites, ils soient les premiers à « bénéficier ».

Mère, quand le mental est descendu dans l’atmosphère terrestre, le singe n’avait pas fait d’efforts pour se convertir en homme, n’est‑ce pas, c’est la Nature qui a fourni l’effort. Mais ici...

Mais ce n’est pas l’homme qui va se convertir en surhomme !

Non ?

Essaye un peu ! (rires)

C’est cela, n’est‑ce pas, c’est quelque chose d’autre qui va travailler.

Alors, nous sommes...

Seulement — oui, il y a un seulement, je ne veux pas être si cruelle : maintenant l’homme peut collaborer. C’est-àdire qu’il peut se prêter au processus, de bonne volonté, avec aspiration, et aider de son mieux. Et c’est pour cela que j’ai dit que cela ira plus vite. J’espère que ça ira beaucoup plus vite.

Mais enfin, même beaucoup plus vite, cela prend encore un peu de temps !


Écoutez. Si vous tous qui avez entendu parler de cela, pas une fois, mais peut-être des centaines de fois, qui en avez parlé vous-mêmes, qui y avez pensé, qui l’espériez, qui le vouliez — il y a des gens qui sont venus ici pour cela, avec cette intention de recevoir la Force supramentale et de se transformer en un surhomme, c’était leur but n’est‑ce pas... Mais comment se fait-il que vous étiez tous si étrangers à cette Force que, quand elle est venue, vous ne l’avez même pas sentie ?

Pouvez-vous me résoudre ce problème ? Si vous avez la solution de ce problème, vous aurez la solution de la difficulté.

Je ne parle pas des gens du dehors qui n’ont jamais pensé à cela, qui ne s’en sont jamais occupés et qui ne savent même pas qu’il peut y avoir quelque chose comme un Supramental à recevoir, n’est‑ce pas. Je parle des gens qui ont établi leur vie sur cette aspiration (et je ne mets pas en doute une minute leur sincérité), qui ont travaillé pendant, qui trente ans, qui trentecinq ans, qui un peu moins, tout cela en disant : « Quand le Supramental viendra... quand le Supramental viendra... », c’était le refrain : « Quand le Supramental viendra... » Par conséquent, ils étaient vraiment dans les meilleures dispositions possibles, on ne peut pas rêver de dispositions meilleures. Comment se fait-il que la préparation intérieure ait été si (mettons simplement) incomplète que, dès que la Vibration est venue, ils ne l’aient pas sentie immédiatement, au choc de l’identité ?

Individuellement, le but de chacun était de se préparer, d’entrer en relation individuelle plus ou moins proche avec cette Force, pour aider ; ou bien s’il ne pouvait pas aider, au moins être prêt quand la Force allait se manifester, pour la reconnaître et s’ouvrir à elle. Et au lieu d’être un élément étranger dans un monde où ce que vous portez en vous n’est pas manifesté, vous devenez ça tout d’un coup, vous entrez de plain-pied, pleinement, dans cette atmosphère même : c’est cette Force qui est là, qui vous environne, qui vous pénètre. Si vous aviez eu un petit contact intérieur, immédiatement vous l’auriez reconnue, non ?

Enfin, en tout cas, c’est arrivé à ceux qui avaient eu un petit contact intérieur ; ils l’ont reconnue, ils l’ont sentie, ils ont dit : « Ah ! voilà, c’est venu. » Mais comment se fait-il, là, tant de centaines de gens, même sans parler de la petite poignée de ceux qui vraiment ne voulaient que cela, ne pensaient qu’à cela, avaient mis toute leur vie là-dessus, comment se faitil qu’ils n’aient rien senti ? Qu’est‑ce que cela peut vouloir dire ?

Il est bien entendu que c’est seulement le semblable qui connaît le semblable. C’est un fait évident.

Il y avait une possibilité d’entrer en contact avec la Chose individuellement — c’était même ce que Sri Aurobindo avait décrit comme le processus nécessaire : un certain nombre de gens qui, par leur effort intérieur et leur aspiration, entrent en rapport avec cette Force. C’était ce que nous avions appelé l’ascension vers le Supramental. Et alors, même si c’est par une ascension intérieure (c’est-à-dire en se dégageant de la conscience matérielle), si dans une ascension intérieure ils avaient touché le Supramental, ils auraient dû naturellement le reconnaître dès qu’il est arrivé. Mais il était indispensable qu’ils aient eu un contact préalable : s’ils ne l’avaient pas touché, comment auraient-ils pu le reconnaître !

C’est-à-dire que le mouvement universel est comme cela (je vous ai lu cela il y a quelques jours) : certains individus, qui sont les pionniers, l’avant-garde, par l’effort intérieur et le progrès intérieur entrent en communication avec la Force nouvelle qui doit se manifester et la reçoivent en eux. Et alors, parce qu’il y a des appels comme cela, ça rend la chose possible, et l’âge, l’époque, le moment de la manifestation arrive. C’est comme cela que ça s’est produit — et la manifestation s’est produite.

Mais alors, tous ceux qui étaient prêts ont dû la reconnaître.

Je m’empresse de vous dire qu’il y en a qui l’ont reconnue, mais enfin... Mais ceux qui posent les questions et puis qui sont venus aussi, qui ont pris le train pour absorber ça comme on absorbe un verre de sirop, s’ils n’avaient fait aucune préparation, comment pouvaient-ils sentir quoi que ce soit ? Et ils parlent déjà de bénéfice : « N ous voulons en profiter »...

Après tout, il est bien possible (je suis en train de plaisanter), il est bien possible que, s’ils ont même un tout petit peu de sincérité (pas trop, parce que c’est fatigant !), un tout petit peu de sincérité, ça leur donnera quelques bons coups pour les faire aller plus vite. C’est possible. Je pense, en effet, que c’est ce qui se produira.

Mais enfin cette attitude... cette attitude un peu trop mercantile n’est pas très profitable généralement. Si sincèrement on aspire et que l’on ait des difficultés, peut-être que les difficultés deviendront moindres. Espérons-le.

(S’adressant au disciple) Alors c’est cela que vous pouvez leur dire : soyez sincères et on vous aidera.

Mère, un commentaire a circulé ici, très récemment ; on a dit : « Ce qui vient de se passer maintenant, avec cette Victoire, n’est pas une descente, mais une manifestation. Et c’est plus qu’un événement individuel : le Supramental a jailli dans le jeu universel. »

Oui, oui, oui. J’ai dit tout cela en effet, je le reconnais. Alors quoi ?

On dit : « Le principe supramental est à l’oeuvre... »

Mais je viens de vous l’expliquer tout du long, (Mère rit) c’est effrayant !

Ce que j’appelle une « descente », c’est ceci : d’abord la conscience monte en ascension, vous attrapez la Chose là-haut, vous descendez avec. C’est un événement individuel.

Quand cet événement individuel s’est produit d’une façon suffisante pour qu’il y ait une possibilité d’ordre général, ce n’est plus une « descente », c’est une « manifestation ».

Ce que j’appelle descente, c’est le mouvement individuel, dans une conscience individuelle. Et quand c’est un monde nouveau qui se manifeste dans un ancien monde — comme, par similitude, quand le mental s’est répandu sur la terre —, j’appelle cela une manifestation.

Vous pouvez l’appeler n’importe quoi si vous voulez, cela m’est égal, mais il faut s’entendre.

Ce que j’appelle une descente, c’est dans la conscience individuelle. De même qu’on appelle ascension (il n’y a pas d’ascension, n’est‑ce pas, il n’y a ni haut ni bas ni sens, c’est une façon de parler), vous parlez d’ascension quand vous avez l’impression de vous soulever vers quelque chose ; et vous appelez descente quand, après avoir attrapé cette chose, vous la faites descendre au-dedans de vous.

Mais quand les portes sont ouvertes et que l’inondation se produit, vous ne pouvez pas appeler cela une descente. C’est une Force qui se répand. Compris ?... Ah !

Cela m’est égal, les mots que l’on emploie. Je ne tiens pas essentiellement à mes mots, mais je vous les explique, et il vaut mieux s’entendre parce que, autrement, on n’en finit plus de s’expliquer.

Maintenant, aux gens qui vous posent de ces questions insidieuses, vous pouvez répondre que la meilleure manière de recevoir quoi que ce soit, ce n’est pas de tirer, mais de donner. S’ils veulent se donner à la vie nouvelle, eh bien, la vie nouvelle entrera en eux.

Mais s’ils veulent tirer la vie nouvelle au-dedans d’eux, ils fermeront leur porte avec leur égoïsme. C’est tout.

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