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A series of programs made through Auroville Radio. Programs include introductory remarks, reading of the published text, and the original audio recording of Mother's class (in French) when available.

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February 6, 1957 53:57 “Nature has found this rather radical means to awaken in the material consciousness the necessary aspiration and plasticity.”
January 30, 1957 1:21:41 “an inner attitude which creates an atmosphere of harmony”
January 23, 1957 1:08:08 “one will feel that kind of sweet warmth, comfortable, intimate, radiant, which fills the heart and is the herald of Delight.”
January 16, 1957 59:22 “And for everybody there are more or less external reasons, which, besides, are not worth much and explain everything in the dullest possible way, but there is a deeper reason which as yet you do not know.”
January 9, 1957 1:30:31 “But to tell you my true feeling, I think it would be much better to change the game.”
January 2, 1957 1:16:37 “It is neither sacrifice nor renunciation nor weakness which can bring the victory. It is only Delight, a delight which is strength, endurance, supreme courage. The delight brought by the supramental force.”


December 26, 1956 1:35:53 “there is a kind of enthusiasm or admiration or gratitude which suddenly awakens in the being and opens the door to a state, a new state of consciousness, a light, a warmth, a joy one did not know before.”
December 19, 1956 1:12:28 “you must first be conscious of yourself, then think, and then act.”
December 12, 1956 (part 2) 42:25 “If that were the end of the problem, one could yet come out of the mess; but there is a complication.”
December 12, 1956 (part 1) 36:25 “your aspiration makes this opening, like a tiny notch inside, a little hole somewhere in what is shut up, and then you let the thing enter. It will work.”
December 5, 1956 1:13:16 “So it becomes ordered, organised, instead of being spasmodic and uncoordinated.”
November 28, 1956 1:20:11 “the progress one could not make by this purely mental effort usually comes about almost automatically, by the very fact that one has relaxed in confidence and self-giving to the divine Will.”
November 21, 1956 1:50:13 “when you are told, ‘Well, but no, this is a relative knowledge, it is like that but it could be different’, the one who tells you this seems to you a priori half-mad”
November 14, 1956 (part 2) 45:55 “To control something, a movement, is simply to replace by one’s presence, without words or explanations, the bad vibration by the true one.”
November 7, 1956 and November 14, 1956 (part 1) 42:56 “For so long as one needs to be appreciated and complimented, one is a slavish being and a deplorable weakling.”
October 31, 1956 1:07:40 “It is like an abrupt opening in your closed shell, like a rent in that opaque envelope which separates you from the Truth, and the contact is established. Immediately this force, this consciousness, this light acts, even on your physical cells”
October 24, 1956 1:10:31 “Sometimes it comes much later, when the child itself becomes a little conscious and feels a very subtle but very real relation with something from above”
October 17, 1956 1:10:26 “an active peace, contagious, powerful, which controls and calms, which puts everything in order, organises.”
October 10, 1956 1:06:09 “to act because this is what must be done, to do it in the best possible way, and not to be anxious about the consequences”
October 3, 1956 (part 2) 51:23 “it will probably be quite bewildering for all those who do research.”
October 3, 1956 (part 1) 54:07 “Every time a new element is introduced into the total set of possible combinations, it causes what may be called a tearing of its limits”
September 26, 1956 1:26:13 “One always finds it much more difficult to convert, we might say, a very living, fully realised personality than someone, for instance, who is full of goodwill but still open to all sorts of influences.”
September 12 and 19, 1956 1:35:49 “If the vital were a mediocre being without definite qualities, there would be no difficulty in its surrendering”
September 5, 1956 1:11:20 “If you can read this passage again and be convinced of its reality and its absolute truth, well, that is already a great step.”
August 29, 1956 1:11:33 “slowly, gradually, you undo all the folds and stretch yourself out exactly as one unfolds a piece of cloth or a sheet of paper”
August 22, 1956 1:22:53 “So this reassured me and I said, ‘Well, this has never happened to me.’ He replied, ‘Nor to me!’”
August 15, 1956 (part 2) 1:15:12 “And this is the aim of the last Avatar.”
August 15, 1956 (part 1) 1:37:16 “the first duty of those who really want to do yoga is to eliminate from their consciousness, with all the might, all the sincerity, all the endurance of which they are capable, even the shadow of a fear.”
August 8, 1956 1:01:08 “And this is not an image, it is a fact in the subtle physical. One can feel the warmth of the flame”
August 1, 1956 1:22:52 “in one of these movements there is a sort of anguish, like a poignant pain, in the other, there is an anxiety, but at the same time a great joy.”
July 25, 1956 1:27:56 “You are simply asked to have just a little faith and trust and allow yourselves to be guided. Otherwise, well, you will lose the advantage of being here, that’s all.”
July 18, 1956 (part 2) 1:04:12 “For if he did not have within himself the certitude that the Divine exists, he would not take the trouble of denying Him.”
July 18, 1956 (part 1) 1:10:43 “I did not take the word ‘dream’ in the sense of dreams at night; I took the word dream to mean something one has built up in the best and most clear-sighted part of one’s being”
July 11, 1956 1:04:02 “It gives you a light, a mirror in which you can see yourself better than you did before, and you are a little troubled because it is not always very pretty?”
July 4, 1956 50:45 “But it was not because of the star!”
June 27, 1956 1:35:26 “And if you don’t take care from the beginning to keep an attitude of discernment, you will be turned into a mental battlefield.”
June 20, 1956 1:33:50 “when one enters into contact with one’s psychic, certain faculties develop spontaneously”
June 13, 1956 1:31:44 “Who said that? People who don’t like physical education? Stiff old teachers who can’t do exercises any longer?”
June 6, 1956 (part 2) 29:55 “nothing and nobody can prevent you from doing it, nor any circumstance. For you carry within yourself the problem and the solution.”
June 6, 1956 (part 1) 31:44 “Sri Aurobindo represented a totality of comprehension and knowledge and power; and every one of his books is at once a symbol and a representation. Every one of his books contains symbolically, potentially, what is in him.”
May 30, 1956 1:04:58 “There is not a single circumstance, not a form, not an action, not a movement which is not symbolic of something deeper”
May 23, 1956 1:27:22 “even in religion there are people who have had the spiritual experience and found the Divine — not because of the religion, usually in spite of it”
May 16, 1956 31:57 “You have always had a light to illumine your room — your inner room — but instead of an oil lamp it has become an electric lamp. That’s all.”
May 9, 1956 44:36 “Then the spiritual life begins, not before.”
May 2, 1956 1:23:20 “Now, to people who ask you these insidious questions, you may reply that the best way of receiving anything whatever is not to pull, but to give. If they want to give themselves to the new life, well, the new life will enter into them.”
April 25, 1956 54:38 “And it is then, at that moment that one can do this (Mother opens her arms): 'Here I am, take me and lead me along the true path.'”
April 18, 1956 53:45 “Well, become a child once more and you will know how to do it again.”
April 11, 1956 44:41 “It is the same thing in a double movement: as when you sleep and when you wake up, or when you remain still and when you begin to move, or when you are silent and then begin to make a noise, it is like that.”
April 4, 1956 59:25 “If he had just added: 'My experience is like that', it would have been all right”
March 21 and 28, 1956 1:07:45 “If explaining something does not give you the power to change it, it is absolutely useless”
March 14, 1956 56:22 “It is quite simply a language and a convention, and if this convention is adopted, it may be utilised to do a certain work.”
March 7, 1956 1:05:09 “And so, if you know only the skin of the orange, you know nothing about the orange.”
February 29, 1956 49:04 “If you are conscious of the Divine, you become conscious of this fact. If you are not conscious of the Divine, the fact exists but you simply are not conscious of it — that’s all.”
February 22, 1956 1:10:39 “Because sincerity is so rare a virtue in the world, one ought to bow down before it with respect when one meets it.”
February 15, 1956 56:55 “One begins to become a conscious human being only when one knows why one does things and when one is capable of changing one’s action by a determined will, when one has a control.”
February 8, 1956 31:13 “all individuals are transmitting centres”
February 1, 1956 1:05:14 “a sort of movement which could be called spherical, where everything is included, which takes in all the possibilities of approach to the Divine”
January 25, 1956 1:15:36 “you throw yourself into the adventure without looking back and without asking for a single minute, 'What’s going to happen?' For if you ask what is going to happen, you never start”
January 18, 1956 1:23:19 “Perhaps this will be one of the results of the supramental transformation: the world will be ready for a perfect, spontaneous, essentially true hierarchical manifestation — and without any kind of coercion — where everyone will become aware of his own perfection.”
January 11, 1956 58:22 “But this is not for lazy folk. It’s for people who like progress.”
January 4, 1956 (part 2) 51:04 “It is not an image, it is not just fine words when it is said that if one enters the true consciousness, if one changes one’s consciousness, well, the world itself changes for you.”
January 4, 1956 (part 1) 48:51 “In fact, finally, everything will be attracted by the Divine. Only, there are direct roads and there are labyrinthine paths”


December 28, 1955 55:16 “These are the two most powerful levers to enter into contact with the Divine in one’s psychic being.”
December 21, 1955 1:03:11 “But now, we have these conditions, they are here: the Grace is here.”
December 14, 1955 50:33 “One can’t go from the first to the third; one must pass through the second.”
December 7, 1955 51:54 “I am speaking of a joy which is perfect peace, shadowless light, harmony, total beauty and an irresistible power”
November 30, 1955 (part 2) 29:49 “To love them with all your heart, my children, and wish that they may be born to the light”
November 30, 1955 (part 1) 28:14 “All forces are personal; all things in Nature are personal. But if we consider them as impersonal things, our relation with them is impersonal.”
November 23, 1955 27:33 “And the more faith one has in this miracle and this Grace, the more capable one becomes of seeing it”
November 16, 1955 (part 2) 56:48 “I said a while ago: each individual is a special manifestation in the universe, therefore his true path must be an absolutely unique path.”
November 16, 1955 (part 1) 56:34 “for Kali is the most loving of all the aspects of the Mahashakti; hers is the most active and most powerful Love”
November 9, 1955 1:01:40 “The sole secret is to know how to climb up right to the top.”
November 2, 1955 29:41 “This is an absolutely indispensable beginning. One can’t leap over that bridge; it is not possible. It can be done very quickly if you know how to use the help that’s given to you; but it has to be done.”
October 26, 1955 25:34 “But if you put a will into it, an aspiration to indeed wish someone a good day, well, there is a way of saying 'Good Day' which is very effective”
October 19, 1955 (part 2) 49:32 “So there are some who follow a very straight path and arrive very quickly; there are others who love labyrinths, it takes longer. But the end is there, the goal is there.”
October 19, 1955 (part 1) 32:06 “it makes an extremely complicated criss-crossing of rhythms, which results in what we see”
October 12, 1955 (part 2) 49:50 “The others? They will not even be aware of it! They will continue their stupid life, without knowing what has happened.”
October 12, 1955 (part 1) 24:23 “this need of eternity which we have in ourselves, this need of an absolute, of an absolute truth, an absolute good, an absolute beauty — this indeed awakens at the moment one is ready to receive a new consciousness”
October 5, 1955 1:06:34 “For humanity suffers and it is not with beautiful ideas that it is cured. Something else is necessary.”
September 21, 1955 1:09:26 “First of all the commercial mentality should be driven out from the world. This will take some time.”
September 14, 1955 38:00 “The great human experiences have to be gone through, more or less thoroughly, by the whole of mankind”
September 7, 1955 1:12:34 “If you live closed up in yourself, without acting, you may live in a completely subjective illusion”
August 31, 1955 22:26 “Now, be courageous! How many of you have read these books?”
August 24, 1955 26:40 “Certainly, if I had to choose between reading a beautiful poem and a book of metaphysics, I would prefer to read the poem”
August 10 and 17, 1955 23:01 “thirty years of sustained effort, I say. It may happen that it’s quicker. But this is so rare that immediately one says, 'This is not an ordinary human being.'”
August 3, 1955 23:21 “But everywhere, in all the teachings, in all the disciplines, in all ages, the same thing has been repeated...”
July 27, 1955 (part 2) 38:19 “That’s the only reason why I come out, because otherwise I carry you in my consciousness.”
July 27, 1955 (part 1) 43:30 “It’s because you have a skin that you don’t enter into one another like that”
July 20, 1955 1:12:44 “Social habits are something terrible; your consciousness is stuffed with them from the time you are quite small”
July 13, 1955 54:24 “Your aspiration is a drop of water which, instead of falling, rises.”

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