Letters on Poetry and Art

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Letters on Poetry and Art


Section One. The Sources of Poetry

Poetic Creation 5 Paper icon.png
Sources of Inspiration 14 Paper icon.png
Overhead Poetry 20 Paper icon.png
Examples of Overhead Poetry 50 Paper icon.png

Section Two. The Poetry of the Spirit

Psychic, Mystic and Spiritual Poetry 83 Paper icon.png
Poet, Yogi, Rishi, Prophet, Genius 102 Paper icon.png
The Poet and the Poem 106 Paper icon.png

Section Three. Poetic Technique

Technique, Inspiration, Artistry 117 Paper icon.png
Rhythm 124 Paper icon.png
English Metres 128 Paper icon.png
Greek and Latin Classical Metres 137 Paper icon.png
Quantitative Metre in English and Bengali 141 Paper icon.png
Metrical Experiments in Bengali 145 Paper icon.png
Rhyme 155 Paper icon.png
English Poetic Forms 157 Paper icon.png
Substance, Style, Diction 164 Paper icon.png
Grades of Perfection in Poetic Style 185 Paper icon.png
Examples of Grades of Perfection in Poetic Style 188 Paper icon.png

Section Four. Translation

Translation: Theory 199 Paper icon.png
Translation: Practice 201 Paper icon.png


Section One. On His Poetry and Poetic Method

Inspiration, Effort, Development 211 Paper icon.png
Early Poetic Influences 219 Paper icon.png
On Early Translations and Poems 223 Paper icon.png
On Poems Published in Ahana and Other Poems 227 Paper icon.png
Metrical Experiments 231 Paper icon.png
On Some Poems Written during the 1930s 239 Paper icon.png
On Savitri 261 Paper icon.png
Comments on Some Remarks by a Critic 332 Paper icon.png
On the Publication of His Poetry 359 Paper icon.png

Section Two. On Poets and Poetry

Great Poets of the World 367
Remarks on Individual Poets 372
Comments on Some Examples of Western Poetry (up to 1900) 387
Twentieth-Century Poetry 412
Comments on Examples of Twentieth-Century Poetry 430
Indian Poetry in English 442
Poets of the Ashram 453
Comments on the Work of Poets of the Ashram 467
Philosophers, Intellectuals, Novelists and Musicians 519
Comments on Some Passages of Prose 554

Section Three. Practical Guidance for Aspiring Writers

Guidance in Writing Poetry 567
Guidance in Writing Prose 627
Remarks on English Pronunciation 629
Remarks on English Usage 640
Remarks on Bengali Usage 656


Section One. Appreciation of Poetry and the Arts

Appreciation of Poetry 663
Appreciation of the Arts in General 675
Comparison of the Arts 678
Appreciation of Music 682

Section Two. On the Visual Arts

General Remarks on the Visual Arts 685
Problems of the Painter 687
Painting in the Ashram 692

Section Three. Beauty and Its Appreciation

General Remarks on Beauty 699
Appreciation of Beauty 705

Section Four. Literature, Art, Music and the Practice of Yoga

Literature and Yoga 711
Painting, Music, Dance and Yoga 733


Appendix I. The Problem of the Hexameter 743
Appendix II. An Answer to a Criticism 745
Appendix III. Remarks on a Review 749

Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.

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