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The Land Board invites landowners within the Master Plan area to contact the Land Board directly if they wish to sell their lands. If the landowners wish to lease the land after sale, a renewable 3-year lease for organic farming can be arranged according to the location. The land board will extend its support and assistance for a fair price and a smooth purchase process.

Land Board Mandate
RA approved Land Board Mandate 2015.jpg
PDF (3 pages)
Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) newsletter
“The Work of Auroville’s Land Board, Part 1:
The Mandate and the Current Team’s Achievements” (April 2021)
LFAU Newsletter Apr 2021 - The Work of Aurovilles Land Board, part 1.jpg
PDF (8 pages)

Reports from the Land BoardYear
News & Notes 914:Land Sellers and Buyers Take Notice2022
News & Notes 886:Land Board Selection Process 2021 report2021
News & Notes 864:New Approaches to Consolidate & Safeguard the Needed Land for Auroville2021
News & Notes 760:Land Board Report May–July 20182018
News & Notes 664:Land Board Report August 20162016
News & Notes 661:Land Board Report June to July 20162016
News & Notes 648:Land Board Report – March & April 20162016
News & Notes 635:Land Board Report – January 20162016
News & Notes 633:Land Board Report – December 20152016
News & Notes 616:Land Board Mandate2015
News & Notes 605:Land board report May and June 20152015
News & Notes 609:Land board report July 20152015
News & Notes 604:Land board mandate2015

Land Board members:
Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon full.png Person icon empty.png Person icon empty.png

2021 Helena, Padmanabhan, Raja N., Satyakam, Venkat
2020 Banu, Helena, Padmanaban, Rajavelu, Renu, Yuval
2019 Banu, Helena, Padmanaban, Rajavelu, Renu, Yuval
2018 Banu, Helena, Padmanaban, Yuval


  • Office: Town Hall (1st floor)
  • Phone: (0413) 262-3699
  • Email: landboard (at)

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