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(Shobha Mitra:) “The Mother had instructed me clearly to always accede to any request for help that came from JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research). This incident happened while the Mother was still in Her body. In those days, JIPMER had a lot of Bengali doctors on its staff. A few of them were very close to Mota-kaka. One day, he told me that the JIPMER doctors wished to organise Saraswati Puja. One that occasion, they wanted to organise a programme of music at night. He asked me if I would be willing to organise this with the help of Ashram artists and go and present it in the evening at the venue of the Saraswati Puja-celebrations. … That year, their Puja-celebrations took place on the ground-floor of the dentist Dr. Coroth's house which was very close to the Playground. I had conceived the programme to be an hour long and it was composed of Bengali songs. This was my first contact with doctors from JIPMER. On the day of the programme, I was introduced to the doctors and their wives. …
         The following year, they asked the Mother through Mota-kaka if they could organise this celebration at the Ashram Theatre. The Mother gave Her permission. Now this time, my work and participation became far greater. The doctors decided that they would organise also a Bengali play. The doctors took part in the Bengali play and I organised the musical part of the evening's fixture. ...
         As far as I remember, this Saraswati Puja by the JIPMER doctors took place in the Ashram Theatre for two years. And as per the Mother's wishes, I gave them all the help I was capable of, even conducting singing classes for the doctors' children for a number of years.”[1]

  1. Shobha Mitra, Living in the Presence, p.187