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(Rod:) “You can take, for example, the Mother's writings on the International Zone, and how essential it is for the education of the world to come in direct contact with all current achievements in order to realize that actually they are all variations on the same thing. And from the realisation of unity, which is the result of experience, something else becomes possible. But you can't really learn that until you have that experience; and that's one of the purposes of Auroville, but it is completely on the back burner of Auroville. The International Zone has never been well understood and it has definitely never been a priority. But it is important. For the vision that the Mother has, it is very prominent, very high in the scale. So this vision of the city on earth which brings together the tribes and where the higher consciousness and the lower consciousness meet, all of that which I seemed to be feeling that day [of the inauguration], is an eternal possibility. And enlightened human beings have been aware of it throughout history. All the traditions have a prophecy about it. But if you look today at where Auroville is after forty years, in relation to what Mother said was possible forty years ago, then you begin to put into perspective the difficulty of realising something like that eternal possibility.”[1]

  1. Turning Points: An inner story of the beginnings of Auroville, First Edition, p.66, “It was History looking at this moment”, 2008


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