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“When we say that Hitler is possessed by a vital power, it is a statement of fact, not a moral judgment. His being possessed is clear from what he does and the way he does it.”[1]

(Turning to Nirodbaran) To come back to Hitler: Hitler is responsible so long as he feels he is Hitler. In his youth, he was considered an amusing crank and nobody took any notice of him. It is the vital possession that gives him his size and greatness. Without this vital power he would be a crudely amiable fellow with some hobbies and eccentricities. It is in this kind of person whose psychic is undeveloped and weak that a possession is possible. There is nothing in the being that can resist the Power. In his latest photographs I find he is becoming more and more criminal and going down very fast. In two photographs there was the psychic element a little in front. One showed him weeping before his mother's grave – but that was more fictitious than real. The other showing his visit to his old village was genuine; he felt something there.”[2]

“Sri Aurobindo: It seems it is not merely five or six of our people but more than half that are in sympathy with Hitler and want him to win.*

Purani (laughing): Half?

No, it is not a matter to laugh at. It is a very serious matter. The Government can dissolve the Ashram at any moment. In Indo-China all religious bodies have been dissolved. [...] If these people want the Ashram to be dissolved, they can come and tell me and I will dissolve it instead of the police doing it. They have no idea about the world, and talk like children. Hitlerism is the greatest menace that the world has ever met.**

*It may be mentioned that the pro-Hitler bias was due not to perversity but to ignorance. Most regrettably, the true nature of Hitlerism was not realised in the midst of the animosity against England and the other so-called imperialist powers, the possessors of colonies in Asia and Africa, who happened to be Hitler's enemies. This dangerous ignorance was a widespread phenomenon in the East.
**The same morning, it seems, the Mother also spoke to Nolini to the following effect: ‘It is treachery against Sri Aurobindo to wish for Hitler's victory. Sn Aurobindo's cause is closely connected with that of the Allies and he is working night and day for it. It is because my nationality is French that the Ashram is allowed to exist. Otherwise it would have been dissolved long ago. There were many attempts to do so. If Hitler or Stalin wins, spirituality is doomed. Stalin will come to India and there will be no chance for freedom for a century.’”[3]

“Satyendra: What is this flame-throwing business the Germans have started?

Sri Aurobindo: That is a real sign of the Asura. Hitler has many devilish things in store, it seems — works of devilish ingenuity.”[4]

“Purani: Jwalanti was telling me Neville Henderson says that in Germany even before Hitler the atmosphere of life had so much pressure that one felt constantly suffocated.

Sri Aurobindo: Yes, practically all of Germany was like that. Boys and young men were being trained to be devilish. When there was some complaint against harsh treatment meted out by the German army, people said, ‘Wait till the Nazis come to power. Then you will realise what harsh treatment is.’”[5]

“Here in Hitler's case it is not merely an influence but a possession, even perhaps an incarnation. The case of Stalin is similar. The vital world has descended upon the physical. That is why the intellectuals are perplexed at the destruction of their civilisation, of all the values they had made and stood for. They deny the existence of the worlds beyond the physical and so they are bound to be perplexed.”[6]

“I have not seen any other person who has followed the Asura with such extraordinary fidelity. Three things of the Asura he adopts strictly: first, if you go on telling lies long enough with assurance, people will believe you; second, you must adopt treachery and appeal to the basest passions of the people; third, care only for success without regard for truth. There have been men who have done that with some pretence of truth. But Hitler speaks openly of his method of falsehood and yet people believe him.”[7]

“Hitler is a new type, an infra-rational mystic, representing the dark counterpart of what we are striving to arrive at: a supra-rational mysticism. (Looking at Dr. Manilal) Do you know that in his secluded residence he has a cinema and enjoys and gloats on the horrors and sufferings he has inflicted on people? That is the story told by his maidservant who was with him all the time.”[8]

“Hitler was born to prove the inapplicability of Ahimsa.”[9]

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