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AVHC reception area

Auroville Health Fund Scheme
May 2017
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The Health Fund is located in the main office of the Auroville Health Centre. Someone is there to answer questions on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am till 11am. There is a collection box for bills at the Health Centre front desk, for times when the office person is not available.

Essentially, the "Health Fund" is an in-house Auroville health insurance scheme for Aurovilians and Newcomers, whereby for a relatively small monthly payment coverage is provided for up to 2.5 lakhs rupees expenditure per year, subject to the expenses being incurred in India, and subject in principle to the patient being referred to a recognized outside medical doctor/facility by a doctor from the Auroville Health Centre.

Normally six months' participation is required before refund of an individual's expenses is possible.

At the end of each year any surplus accumulated in the Fund is carried over to the following year, and any deficit is spread among all participants (so an extra contribution may be required to keep the Fund solvent, if additonal funding is not otherwise available.

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  • Email: avhealthfund (at)
  • Phone: 262-2123

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