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Letters on Yoga - II
“The Divine Grace and Guidance”

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(Mother to Mona Sarkar, 1961:) “I remember.... It was a long time ago. Someone had asked Sri Aurobindo, “The Divine Grace is infinite; then, why ask since it exists everywhere?”
         Do you know what Sri Aurobindo replied?
         “It is part of the game.” ”[1]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “You know, the Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be reached. Do not try to judge it with your mind – you will get nowhere. For it is something tremendous which is not expressed in words or in feelings.
         You know, when the Grace acts, the result could be a death or misfortune or happiness; it could even be a catastrophe but it is always the best for the individual. It is a blow sent by the Divine for a bounding progress. The Grace is that which makes you advance rapidly towards the realisation.”[2]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “It is invincible and does not follow the slow natural route but jumps, takes a leap, towards the goal. Whatever may be the outer consequences, the Grace carries you directly to me.”[3]

(Nirodbaran:) Doesn't the Grace act unconditionally?

(Sri Aurobindo:) It does, especially on those who have been predestined for some definite work in life. Yes, the Grace is unconditional; but at the same time how will it work if a man is throwing it away or doesn't recognise it? It would be like constantly spilling from a cup in which something is being poured. If one recognises the Grace and expresses gratitude, it acts more quickly and more powerfully.”[4]

(Amal Kiran:) “I have said there is no rhyme or reason to Grace but perhaps we might venture to say that though there is no reason there can be rhyme. A certain happy harmony in our consciousness, a natural ringing of deep responses – in short, the unison of the various parts of us around the spontaneous sweetness and light and strength of what Sri Aurobindo has termed the psychic being, the inmost soul in us – can be designated the rhyme that creates the condition in which the Grace is likely to vibrate towards us most often.”[5]

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