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Auroville Entry Policy
Auroville Entry Policy 2017.jpg
PDF (27 pages)
  Entry Board job description
Entry Board job description 2020.jpg
PDF (3 pages)

Entry Board members:
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2022 Alain S., Aurore, Dheena, Jayanthi, Lakshmanan, Matriprasad, Matilde, Ramanarayana, Swadha, (Sophie)
2021 Alain S., Dheena, Jayanthi, Lakshmanan, Matriprasad, Matilde, Ramanarayana, Sophie, Swadha
2020 Alain S., Charly, Dheena, Lakshmanan, Matriprasad, Rajendran N., Ramanarayan, Sophie, Veronique J.
2019 Angelo, Charly, Dheena, Dominique, Ishta, Matriprasad, Ramanarayan, Sophie, Veronique J.

Articles about the Entry Service and Entry BoardYear
News & Notes 929:New members of the five working groups2022
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News & Notes 873:Update from the Entry Board2021
News & Notes 712:Entry Policy - latest version after integrating community feedback (with track changes)2017
News & Notes 685:The Entry Policy and the Wideness of Auroville2017
News & Notes 681:Report of the GM on the New Entry Policy2017
News & Notes 664:A short report on the Team Building Workshop for the new Entry Service Secretariat2016
News & Notes 660:On Feedback procedure2016
News & Notes 650:New Entry Policy in Effect2016
News & Notes 647:Auroville's Culture of Fear – Entry, Health, Policies, Rules...2016
News & Notes 636:New Year Entry Service Report2016
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News & Notes 617:Entry Service policy2015
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News & Notes 610:Re-Envisioning Auroville's Entry Policy2015

(Shyam Sunder on a meeting with Mother, 1 January 1973:) “Nowadays many requests are coming for joining Auroville. But most of them are not acceptable to us. Is each case to be referred to Mother?
         Mother said, “No.”
         “We will refer cases where we have doubt or where we accept.”
         “And before accepting, I am now giving them a chance of two to three weeks to see Auroville and choose their work and settle their financial position, otherwise they say something but forget it when Mother's approval comes.”
         “Have I not said that the first condition to live in Auroville is not to tell a lie?”
         “Yes, and Mother has on several occasions recently written on truth and explained about it.”
         “Show it to them.”
         “Yes, Mother, but they call me a policeman when I do so.”
         “You can tell them,” Mother said laughing, “that you are Mother's policeman.”
         After a pause, Mother said,
         “There is no need to build another ordinary city in Auroville; already there are so many. If people are like that, it will become an ordinary city and our money and efforts will be wasted. You have to be strict.” ”[1]

  1. Shyam Sunder Jhunjhunwala, Down Memory Lane, p.263


  • Location: Town Hall Multi-media building, first floor
  • Email: entryservice (at) auroville.org.in

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