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(Satprem:) “The ‘divine’ life, for me, was a life where you could breathe. It was the moments when you were attuned to something... at once so vast and so ‘yourself’. And yet there was no ‘self’ in all this! It's as if... the whole world were throbbing in you; those moments were... utterly ‘full’ and simple.
         And that's what I had felt in flashes, here and there, throughout my life.
         That's what I was looking for, that ‘divine’ life.

(Interviewer:) The disappearance of the ego?

You can say that, but I wasn't looking for a philosophical concept. I was looking for a particular way of breathing.”[1]

  1. Satprem, My Burning Heart: Interview by F. de Towarnicky, p.47

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