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(Mother to Satprem, 1962:) “And what happened to me happens to everyone whose psychic being has deliberately incarnated: the psychic being guides your life, and if you let it act freely, it arranges ALL circumstances – it's truly wonderful! … I have seen – not only for myself but for so many people who also had conscious psychic beings – that everything is arranged with a view to ... not at all your personal egoistic satisfaction, but your ultimate progress and realization. And all circumstances of life, even those you call ‘disastrous’, are there to lead you where you have to go as swiftly as possible.”[1]

(Mother to Satprem, 1962:) “It's a secret the Lord doesn't reveal ... because He thinks (and this is altogether certain) that it wouldn't be good to know what's going to happen – we wouldn't do what had to be done. It's always that way: we don't know what's going to happen because then we wouldn't do what had to be done.
         I do what He tells me to do, but He doesn't say what the consequences will be. And I don't ask Him; I know it's none of my business. ”[2]

(Mother, 1950:) “In mathematics, one sometimes takes a great many numbers to try and find all the possible combinations of them. At once one finds that it becomes impossible, for there are many numbers that are beyond expression. Similarly, if you have a great many destinies that come together in you and occur in various combinations, depending on the part of the being that predominates at the time, if you try to foresee what is going to happen, it is extremely difficult. It is the same thing with states of consciousness. A destiny represents an individual; they all react on one another and the number of things that may happen is frightening! So how will you foresee that? The ‘laws’ of the universe always work independently, and that is the ’secret’ of the composition of the universe.”[3]

(Shyam Sundar, 1970:) “The future chosen by You for me is going to be different from all my ideas!

(Mother:) Ideas see always only one or at the most, some several sides of things. The supramental consciousness has a total view of life that animates and directs the special action which the body is destined to accomplish.”[4]

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