Depression and despondency

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Letters on Yoga – IV
“Depression and despondency”

Letters on Yoga IV - Depression and Despondency.jpg
PDF (28 pages)

“That is how the depression works in everybody. It takes hold of this or that excuse but really it comes for its own satisfaction and not for any particular reason.”[1]

“All depression is bad as it lowers the consciousness, spends the energy, opens to adverse forces.”[2]

“These cloudings are not rare and not personal to yourself — all get them, — very often they are formations thrown from outside. The important thing is not to get upset or distressed or take them to yourself or as your own, and to remain quiet till they pass.”[3]

“One may be as strong as a bull and hardy as an evergreen, yet have neurasthenia. Its mark is depression, gloom, reiteration of melancholy slogans, broodings on darkness, death, despair. The bull indulges in a sorrowful lowing; the evergreen moans, “Sunshine? Sunshine? it is a fable — there is only cloud, mist, rain and tears!” That’s neurasthenia! Of course there are other and more exaggerated forms, but those are not in question. One can get rid of this kind, if the will is determined to do so.”[4]

“However or from wheresoever it came, the only thing to do with a depression is to throw it out.”[5]

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