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Datta 3 May 1919.jpg

(Paul Richard:) “One evening [in Paris] when I returned home I told Mira the news that the Suez Canal had been closed as a result of the German submarine warfare. Without any hesitation she replied, “That is the sign that we must go to Japan.” But then her unexpected conclusion became so obvious that I immediately began preparations for the long voyage. After a stop in England, we would sail down the west coast of Africa and finally to Singapore before reaching Japan. Of course I had to apply for a passport, however much I felt violated by this indignity. In addition to the passports, we also acquired a travelling companion. Her name was Dorothy, and she was a follower of Abdul Baha. We agreed to take her along with us, so early in 1916 we left Paris on the Sussex which only a week later was sunk by a German submarine.”[1]

(Datta:) “In the afternoon, the Mother would visit a cherry garden. We met and spoke in that garden. At first sight I saw the Divinity in her. I adored and worshipped her like a goddess, but she would call me her friend. I used to carry her things – handbag, etc. When we became very close, I prepared salads for her. She would take very little food. We were together in 1920 when the Mother was to return to India. She asked me if I would like to accompany her – so I came with her.”[2]

(Rajangam:) “24th November 1926 was indeed a glorious day. It was the day of the descent of Sri Krishna Consciousness into Sri Aurobindo. I still remember Datta (the Irish lady attending on the Mother) exclaiming as if in trance:

“He has conquered Life.
He has conquered Death.
He has conquered All.
Krishna the Lord has descended!”

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