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(Mother to Satprem, 30 October 1965:) “Something amusing has happened. You know that there is a new comet?... [‘Ikeda-Seki’.] This morning around four, I saw the comet, and suddenly I found myself in a state above the earth, and I saw a being who seemed to be associated with this comet. He had red hair (but not an aggressive red), a white body, but not pure white: a golden white, as if he were naked, but he didn't give an impression of being naked, or of wearing any clothes either (I have noticed this several times already), sexless – neither man nor woman. And it was a young being, charming, full of a sort of joy, like the joy that came a little in the music just now, and he was spreading in the earth atmosphere a sort of substance that was heavier than Matter – not heavier, but denser – and jelly-like. It was as though he had taken advantage of the comet passing near the earth to spread that substance. And at the same time, I was told it was “to help for the transformation of the earth.” And he showed me how to make that substance circulate in the atmosphere.
         It was charming: a young being, full of joy, as if dancing, and spreading that substance everywhere.
         It lasted a long time. For several hours I remained in it.”[1]

(Mother to Huta, 1965:) “You see, some time back in the middle of the night I went into Space – beyond the earth – there I saw a being. We did not talk. We just communicated.
         The Being had in his hand a substance which was luminous, yet there was not the flash of light. The substance was something like plastic, orange-red in colour.
         The Being had arms and legs like human beings but he was not human. He had a fair and golden body, yet the light was not shown. He had long and red hair.
         He was spreading the substance from one end of the earth to the other in a curve. I remained with the being for a long time. He showed me how to spread it. I do not know how big was the being because I was equally big. From the equator I could see the earth.
         The substance and the atmosphere brought great relief, happiness and joy to me, such as I had never felt before upon the earth. That is why I was interested in the being. Then I knew that this substance could change matter.
         The being himself was plastic – so supple. He was bending in a curve while spreading the substance upon the earth of which I could see only the top when I was in space.
         Your painting is correct but the body was quite different. I see many Beings but this particular Being interested me. I have told you about Him in detail which I did not tell anybody. You understand what I mean...”[2]

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  2. Huta, Mother You said so..., p.98

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