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Centre for Scientific Research (CSR)

Full name Auroville Centre for Scientific Research. Located in the Industrial Zone (Auroshilpam). Office opens Mon-Sat 8am-5pm. Ph.262-2168, 2277 and 2748; fax 262-2057; e-mail csr@auroville.org.in. Also located on site are the Auroville Building Centre (AV-BC), Auroville Earth Unit, the office of Aurore Trust and Aurore
units, Cynergy, Auroville Design Consultants office, and a photocopying & document binding service. Presently CSR specialises in the following three fields:

Cost-effective building technology: the Auroville Building Centre (AV-BC), which includes an architect office Auroville Design Consultants, is one of India’s leading specialists in the use of integrated alternative technologies. Aurore Systems operates a bulk purchasing and installation service for items such as solar PV panels, water heaters and solar pumps, advises users on designing home solar lighting systems, and manufactures prefabricated ferrocement elements such as doors, roofing channels, water tanks, biogas plants, sunshades, latrines, wastewater treatment devices, etc.

Renewable energy: CSR has undertaken R&D projects in the fields of biogas plants, water pumping windmills and solar bowl concentrators for steam cooking, also doing demonstration projects of solar power plants for power generation, while AuroRE Projects & Services offers consultancy and implements projects on
renewable energy.

Water and sanitation: CSR and Auroville Water Harvest (a unit under CSR Trust) are involved in research and development of a sustainable water resource management system for Auroville and the surrounding bioregion.

Wastewater treatment systems: CSR Dewats implements field projects in decentralized wastewater treatment systems and offers consultancy services.

Solar Street Lighting Project

[DEW Solar Street Lighting]