Breath of Grace

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Breath of Grace
M.P. Pandit - Breath of Grace 2002.jpg
PDF (216 pages)

Breath of Grace is a compilation of personal reminiscences of Ashramites compiled by M.P. Pandit, first published in 1972. It includes contributions from Chidanandam, Ganpatram, Kanai, Kodandarama, Maganbhai, Mritunjoy, Pujalal, Rajangam, Rakhal, Romen, Sahana, Shanti, Shivabhai, and Venkataraman.

(M. P. Pandit:) “The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo’s gospel of Divine Life is there enshrined in his vast body of literature. The teachings of the Mother are there amply explained in her writings and talks which are happily growing year by year. But how have they radiated their Light in this obscure and resisting world, how have men and women received their Grace in day-to-day life? Moved by a strong need to record this practical side of their Manifestation, I approached a number of friends for their personal testimonies.”


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