Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest

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Autobiographical Notes
and Other Writings of Historical Interest


Section One: Life Sketches and Other Autobiographical Notes

Sri Aurobindo: A Life Sketch

Sri Aurobindo: A Life Sketch 5 Paper icon.png
Appendix: Letters on “Sri Aurobindo: A Life Sketch” 11

Incomplete Life Sketches

Incomplete Life Sketch in Outline Form, c. 1922 14
Fragmentary Life Sketch, c. 1928 15

Other Autobiographical Notes

A Day in Srinagar 16
Information Supplied to the King’s College Register 19

Section Two: Corrections of Statements Made in Biographies and Other Publications

Early Life in India and England, 1872 – 1893

Language Learning 25
At Manchester 26
School Studies 26
In London 27
Early Poetry 29
At Cambridge 29
The Riding Examination 30
Political Interests and Activities 31
The Meeting with the Maharaja of Baroda 33
Departure from England 34

Life in Baroda, 18931906

Service in Baroda State 37
Language Study at Baroda 43
Poetry Writing at Baroda 44
Meetings with His Grandfather at Deoghar 45

Political Life, 18931910

A General Note on Sri Aurobindo’s Political Life 47 Paper icon.png
The Indu Prakash Articles 67
Beginnings of the Revolutionary Movement 69
Attitude towards Violent Revolution 71
General Note (referring especially to the Alipur Case and Sri Aurobindo’s politics) 72
Sister Nivedita 73
Bhawani Mandir 74
The Indian National Congress: Moderates and Extremists 75
The Barisal Conference and the Start of the Yugantar 76
Principal of the Bengal National College 78
Start of the Bande Mataram 78
The Policy of the Bande Mataram 80
The Bande Mataram Sedition Case 81
The Surat Congress 82
The Alipore Bomb Case 84
The Open Letters of July and December 1909 86
The Karmayogin Case 87

The Departure from Calcutta, 1910

To Charu Chandra Dutt 88
To the Editor, Sunday Times 90
On an Article by Ramchandra Majumdar 92
To Pavitra (Philippe Barbier Saint Hilaire) 97

Life in Pondicherry, 19101950

Meeting with the Mother 102
The Arya 102
The Development of the Ashram 102
Support for the Allies 103
Muslims and the 1947 Partition of Bengal 104

Early Spiritual Development

First Turn towards Spiritual Seeking 106
Beginnings of Yoga at Baroda 106
Meeting with Vishnu Bhaskar Lele 109
Sadhana 19081909 110

Philosophy and Writings

Sources of His Philosophy 112
Perseus the Deliverer 113
Essays on the Gita 114
The Future Poetry 114
The Mother 115
Some Philosophical Topics 115
Appendix: Notes of Uncertain Origin 116


Section One: Letters on Personal, Practical and Political Matters, 1890 – 1926

Family Letters, 18901919

Extract from a Letter to His Father 121
To His Grandfather 122
To His Sister 123
Extract from a Letter to His Brother 125
To His Uncle 138
To His Wife 145
To His Father-in-Law 147

Letters Written as a Probationer in the Indian Civil Service, 1892

To Lord Kimberley 149

Letters Written While Employed in the Princely State of Baroda, 1895 – 1906

To the Sar Suba, Baroda State 152
To Bhuban Babu 153
To an Officer of the Baroda State 153
Draft of a Reply to the Resident on the Curzon Circular 154
To the Dewan, on the Government’s Reply to the Letter on the Curzon Circular 158
To the Naib Dewan, on the Infant Marriage Bill 159
A Letter of Condolence 160
To R. C. Dutt 161
To the Principal, Baroda College 162
To the Dewan, on Rejoining the College 163
To the Maharaja 164
A Letter of Recommendation 165

Letters and Telegrams to Political and Professional Associates, 19061926

To Bipin Chandra Pal 166
A Letter of Acknowledgement 166
To Hemendra Prasad Ghose 167
To Aswinicoomar Banerji 167
To Dr. S. K. Mullick 168
Telegrams about a Planned Political Reception 168
Extract from a Letter to Parthasarathi Aiyangar 170
Note on a Forged Document 171
To Anandrao 172
To Motilal Roy 175
Draft of a Letter to Saurin Bose 251
To K. R. Appadurai 252
Fragmentary Draft Letter 253
To a Would-be Contributor to the Arya 254
To Joseph Baptista 254
To Balkrishna Shivaram Moonje 257
To Chittaranjan Das 260
To Shyamsundar Chakravarty 262

Open Letters Published in Newspapers, 19091925

To the Editor of the ''Bengalee'' 263
To the Editor of the ''Hindu'' 264 Paper icon.png Paper icon.png
To the Editor of the ''New India'' 270
To the Editor of the ''Hindustan'' 274
To the Editor of the ''Independent'' 275
To the Editor of the ''Standard Bearer'' 278
To the Editor of the ''Bombay Chronicle'' 279

Section Two: Early Letters on Yoga and the Spiritual Life, 1911 – 1928

Extracts from Letters to the Mother and Paul Richard, 1911 – c. 1922

To Paul Richard 283
To the Mother and Paul Richard 285
Draft of a Letter 291

To People in India, 19141926

To N. K. Gogte 293
Draft of a Letter to Nolini Kanta Gupta 295
To A. B. Purani 296
To V. Chandrasekharam 298
Extract from a Letter to K.N. Dixit 301
To Ramchandran 302
To and about V. Tirupati 306
To Daulatram Sharma 328

To Barindra Kumar Ghose and Others, 19221928

To Barindra Kumar Ghose 332
To Hrishikesh Kanjilal 368
To Krishnashashi 370
To Rajani Palit 373
Draft Letters to and about Kumud Bandhu Bagchi 378

To People in America, 19261927

To Mr. and Mrs. Sharman 382
To the Advance Distributing Company 383
Draft of a Letter to C. E. Lefebvre 388
To and about Anna Bogenholm Sloane 389

Draft Letters, 19261928

To an Unknown Person 397
To and about Marie Potel 397

Section Three: Other Letters of Historical Interest on Yoga and Practical Life, 1921 – 1938

On Yoga and Fund-raising for the Ashram, 19211938

To and about Durgadas Shett 407
To and about Punamchand M. Shah 428

To and about Public Figures, 19301937

Draft of a Letter to Maharani Chimnabai II 440
On a Proposed Visit by Mahatma Gandhi 442
To Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 444
To and about Morarji Desai 445
On a Proposed Visit by Jawaharlal Nehru 447
To Birendra Kishore Roy Chowdhury 448


Section One: Public Statements, Messages, Letters and Telegrams on Indian and World Events, 1940 – 1950

On the Second World War, 1940 - 1943   Paper icon.png Wiki icon.png
        Contributions to Allied War Funds 453
        Notes about the War Fund Contributions 453
        On the War: An Unreleased Statement 455
        India and the War 462
        On the War: Private Letters That Were Made Public 463

On Indian Independence, 19421947

On the Cripps Proposal 469
On the Wavell Plan 471
On the Cabinet Mission Proposals 472
The Fifteenth of August 1947 474 Paper icon.png

On the Integration of the French Settlements in India, 19471950

The Future Union (A Programme) 481
On the Disturbances of 15 August 1947 in Pondicherry 491
Letters to Surendra Mohan Ghosh 492
Note on a Projet de loi 495

Messages on Indian and World Events, 19481950

On the Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi 497
On the World Situation (July 1948) 498
On Linguistic Provinces (Message to Andhra University) 498
Letters Related to the Andhra University Award 504
The Present Darkness (April 1950) 506
On the Korean Conflict 507

Section Two: Private Letters to Public Figures and to the Editor of Mother India, 1948 – 1950

Private Letters to Public Figures, 19481950

To Surendra Mohan Ghosh 511
To Kailas Nath Katju 511
To K. M. Munshi 512

Notes and Letters to the Editor of Mother India on Indian and World Events, 19491950

On Pakistan 514
On the Commonwealth and Secularism 514
On the Unity Party 514
On French India and on Pakistan 515
On Cardinal Wyszynski, Catholicism and Communism 516
On the Kashmir Problem 517
On “New Year Thoughts” 520
Rishis as Leaders 520
On Military Action 521
The Nehru-Liaquat Pact and After 522
On the Communist Movement 523


Section One: Public Statements and Notices concerning the Ashram, 19271937

Public Statements about the Ashram, 1927 and 1934

On the Ashram’s Finances (1927) 529
On the Ashram (1934) 530

Notices for Members of the Ashram, 19281937

Notices of May 1928 532
Notices of 1929 – 1937 534

Section Two: Public Statements about Sri Aurobindo’s Path of Yoga, 1934 and 1949

Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching 547
A Message to America 551

Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.